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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Dear media partners, dear colleagues,
Last year, when St. Michael’s church became a Reeperbahn Festival venue, a long-held dream came true. This year, we’re very pleased that Reeperbahn Festival performances will take place at the “Michel” on two festival nights. 
Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 16 August 2016
Exceptional venues make for exceptional concert experiences. We know this – not least thanks to William Fitzsimmons’s stunning Reeperbahn Festival performance in St. Michael’s church in 2015. And this year, we’re pleased to present another real highlight at the “Michel”. In 2010, they were at the Reeperbahn Festival, performing acoustic at Angie’s night club; one year later, the duo’s debut album “Mutual Friends” was released; and soon thereafter, thanks to “Little Numbers”, the entire world learned that Germany and Switzerland were capable of producing high-quality, international-calibre pop music. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: Boy! 

Since their last Reeperbahn Festival appearance, Boy – Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass – have toured the world several times, playing with a full band. And, last year, they came out with their second album, “We Were Here” – an album that’s of the same superb quality as its predecessor and clearly shows that these two songwriters have mastered their art and are only just getting warmed up. Boy will play in the "Michel" on Friday, 23 September, and have announced that their performance will be an acoustic presentation of their songs. 

The concert programme is also shaping up at other venues as well, and today we’ve got 53 new confirmations to announce.
Friska Viljor come pretty close to being Reeperbahn Festival veterans: no other band has played the festival more often than this Swedish indie folk group – they even have a song, “Wohlwill”, about one of St. Pauli’s nicest little side streets! The self-proclaimed best German rapper in the world is Munich-based Fatoni, who not only has his own radio show but also has a pretty impressive output – so far he’s at six albums and EPs, plus 22 singles and videos. Freedom-loving – that describes both songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou, who hails from South Africa but now lives in Berlin, and her songs. Her debut album, “Orbit”, is a myriad of different styles brilliantly held together by her clear voice. Nominated for a 2016 Brit Award (Critics’ Choice), included on the BBC’s “Sound of 2016” list, and well on her way to worldwide fame, British songwriter Frances will be making a stop at the Reeperbahn Festival shortly before the release of her debut album – and it looks like it’s going to be one of those concerts you’ll definitely want to have seen. Danish singer, songwriter, and producer Alex Vargas’s music is situated somewhere between pop, soul, and electro, and his hit “Solid Ground” can also be found on many a radio playlist here in Germany.

Lido (NO), Pomrad (BE), RSS Disco (DE), James Hersey (US), Jake Isaac (GB), Deap Vally (US), Christian Löffler (DE), Zak Abel (GB), Garden City Movement (IL), shame (GB), 
DEAD! (CA), Like A Motorcycle (CA), The Jacques (GB), Gundelach (NO), Moonlight Breakfast (RO), Jona Bird (DE), FOXOS (DE), Lucas Newman (DE), Venom Is Bliss (DE), Leoniden (DE), WELLNESS (DE), Julian Philipp David (DE), Two Feet (US), Camp Claude (FR), Last Train (FR), Awa Ly (FR), Tim Schou (DK), Lunascope (DE), June Coco (DE), Mother's Cake (AT), Poems for Jamiro (DE), Jumo (FR), Kristoffer Bolander (SE), Hexvessel (FI), The Belle Game (CA), Tamar Halperin (IL), Sebastian Knauer - Pascal Schumacher - Arash Safaian (DE), Sven Helbig (DE), Johannes Motschmann Trio (DE), TEKSTI-TV 666 (FI), Giant Rooks (DE), RIDEAU (SE), .KLEIN (DE), Spröde Lippen (DE), Eurokai (DE), Max Richard Leßmann (DE), Laskaar (CH)

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Photo: Debora Mittelstaedt
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