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Dear media partners, dear colleagues,
In addition to announcing the publication of the timetable – complete with the times and places of the festival’s 700 individual events – we also want to draw your attention today to the literature programme, with its readings and talks on a number of controversial and fascinating topics.
Frehn Hawel  

Hamburg, 24 August 2016
For many, it is THE news item: the timetable for Reeperbahn Festival 2016 is online! Effective immediately, the dates, times, and venues for the festival’s approximately 700 events can be viewed on our website and in our mobile app. But there’s more! This year’s Reeperbahn Festival literature programme is offering its usual wide range of readings and lectures in three great venues: Alte Liebe, Sommersalon, and Millerntorwache. 

Jens Balzer’s recently published book “POP – ein Panorama der Gegenwart” (POP – A Panorama of the Present) is a remarkable and entertaining stocktaking of the most important art form in today’s world – pop music. No other art form responds so directly and immediately to the conditions of our time. What does pop music reveal about the age in which we live? Balzer, pop critic, columnist, author, and music fan, provides an answer, pointing to the key personalities and phenomena from the last several years. The result is an immensely compelling panorama of pop today.
With his two record labels ZickZack and What’s So Funny About, and his releases by bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Abwärts, Palais Schaumburg, Blumfeld, and Rummelsnuff, Alfred Hilsberg has been instrumental in shaping German music history. He is the missing link between the ‘68 protests, punk, the Helmut Kohl years, and today’s digital lifestyle. At the Alte Liebe, he’ll meet up with the author of his biography “Das ZickZack Prinzip” (The ZickZack Principle), journalist and former fanzine publisher Christof Meueler. The two will take listeners on a journey of discovery through the underground and subcultural scenes of recent decades, with radio presenter Klaus Fiehe, the talk’s moderator, guiding the way.
The Oscar-winning film “Spotlight” was a recent reminder of just how fascinating investigative reporting can be. At Storylight – Recherche auf der Bühne (Storylight – Research On Stage) journalists Marta Orosz, Christian Fuchs, Sven Becker, Hristio Boytchev, and Florian Skrabal will take the stage at Sommersalon and provide the audience with a glimpse inside the exciting investigative work that goes into their articles.In his latest book, “Selbst” (Self), writer, musician, and DJ Thomas Meinecke remains true to a major theme in his work, the tradition of feminist deconstruction. Are we post-porn? Post-gender? His observations create a discourse around scenarios for exiting the Freud-, Foucault-, and Butler-influenced sexuality of our time.
A variety of Pop Lectures in the Millerntorwache consider the role of women in music, with a focus on DJ culture, the Hamburg School, and the music world in general. The Millerntorwache talks – where the boundaries between academia, art, lecture hall, and pub become blurred. An overview of the complete literature programme can be found here

Additional to all confirmed acts in the timetable, the new music programme announcements can be found here:
Craig David (GB), ALMA (FI), Vaults (GB), The Lemon Twigs (US), Dan Croll (GB), TOMM¥ €A$H (EE), Lilly Among Clouds (DE), Schwarz Dont Crack (DE/ US), Naomi Pilgrim (SE), Nobodys Face (DE), Die Boys (DJ Set) (DE), Alexandra Savior (US), Adrien Soleiman (FR), 
Barbara Stahl (HU), Cattle and Cane  (GB), Christina Martin (CA), Deerborn (DK), DGS Samurai Champs (CA), Dirty Old Town (DK), Erin Costelo (CA), exmagician (GB), FRIENDS OF GAS (DE), Gerald Kurdian (FR), Hallo Wohlstand (DE), Llorca (FR), Mise En Scene CA), Mongooz and the Magnet (HU), Mörk (HU), Poor Nameless Boy (CA), Ria Mae (CA), Sarah P. (GR), She Drew the Gun (GB), Shred Kelly (CA), Still Parade (Solo Set) (DE), The Adolescens (HU), Vivie Ann (DE)

The complete events programme can also be found in our app.
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Photo: Nina Zimmermann
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