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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Not to be released before 8 June 2017    

Dear media representatives, dear colleagues, 
The most thrilling moments in the festival run-up are those when the line-up is becoming complete and this year’s programme is taking shape. Today that day has come: We are pleased to announce 39 new bands and artists who will take part in the Reeperbahn Festival 2017. 
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 6 June 2017
About 500 international bands and artists can be enjoyed at the Reeperbahn Festival every year; for this reason several publication waves are necessary until the programme is complete. The good thing about it: It will remain thrilling – and as you can see, top class as usual. Portugal.The Man (US) (photo) will prove that it is possible to sneak into the heart of the indie rock community even if you are from a far-away place like Alaska. After releasing eight albums, the band around the singer and guitarist John Gourley has become synonymous with highest quality and constant development, a fact also proven with their brand new publication “Woodstock” with its clear orientation towards pop music. Oscar and The Wolf (BE) is the musical alter ego of the Belgian Max Colombie, who, already awarded in his home country with double platinum for his futuristic electro-pop noir, is now aiming to continue his triumphal march in Germany. Wide-body guitars and hymnal songs tempting us to sing along, this is what to expect from the British trio Arcane Roots (GB), while the indie-rock quartet Current Swell (CA) from this year’s Reeperbahn Festival partner country Canada proves why the terrific music scene of their home enjoys highest international reputation.
The Wales-based musician Kelly Lee Owens (GB) should still be well remembered from her indie-rock band The History of Apple Pie. However, her internationally celebrated debut has little to do with the sound of her band; her fusion of dream pop and ambient techno manages to stand out independently from the crowded playground of electronic music. The fact that by far the most exciting impulses of the domestic cultural landscape are from the German hip-hop scene is owed to rappers such as Sero (DE), whose sound and style have easily aspired to international class, although he raps in German. The multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and designer Sol Heilo (NO) from Norway is thoroughly devoted to creativity. She is also known as a member of the internationally celebrated band Katzenjammer but will present her new solo project with a five-man band for the first time at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017.

The following acts have also been confirmed: Barbagallo (FR), White Wine (DE), Findlay (GB), Rationale (GB), EMA (US), Banfi (GB), Childhood (GB), First Hate (DK), PIXX (GB), Fizzy Blood (GB), The King Blues (GB), WILDES (GB), joan (GB), sir Was (SE), Fast Romantics (CA), Fenne Lily (GB), Marlon Williams (NZ), Cocaine Piss (BE), Adam Naas (FR), Tom Walker (GB), Xavier Darcy (DE), PACESHIFTERS (NL), Tinpan Orange (AU), JOHNNYSWIM (US), Syml (US), Adulescens (DE), Wunderwelt (DE), Jordan Prince (DE), Kill J (DK), Vincent Hall (DE), INGOLD (DE), FIBEL (DE)

The Reeperbahn Festival is organised by Reeperbahn Festival GbR
and Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG.
Neuer Pferdemarkt 1, 20359 Hamburg

PhG Reeperbahn Festival GbR: Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG und Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion GmbH;
Gf: Alexander Schulz / U-I-Nr.: DE247756458

PhG Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG: Inferno Events Verwaltungs GmbH;
Gf: Alexander Schulz, Detlef Schwarte / U-I-Nr.: DE 210469759
Photo: Maclay Heriot
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