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Dear media representatives, dear colleagues, 
A press release on the new cook and music format Cook 'n' Dub at the Reeperbahn Festival can only begin by listing up its ingredients: Take the Reeperbahn Festival, the musician and producer Matthias Arfmann and his band Turtle Bay Country Club, the top chef and author Stevan Paul, a sound system plus a popcorn cooker, make the cooking sounds part of the music – and the result of this culinary musical combination is a dish that will be a delight for everyone’s taste, the audience, the chef and the musician. As dessert for today’s press release we will serve some information many have probably been waiting for: The press accreditation will open today.
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 25 July 2017
Matthias Arfmann’s acclaimed premiere of his work Ballett Jeunesse ranked among the highlights of the Reeperbahn Festival 2016, just as Cooking Con Concert, the entertaining combination of music and cooking, in which the cooking crew of Kitchen Guerilla from Hamburg created a meal based on the songs of the Hamburg band Rhonda. As innovation is known to be one of the major driving forces of the Reeperbahn Festival, now in 2017, the next level will be presented: Cook 'n' Dub.  

At this premiere, which the Reeperbahn Festival has developed in cooperation with the producer Matthias Arfmann and the well-known top chef and author Stevan Paul, cooking sounds become part of the music – and, as if by magic, an acoustic and tasty star meal is created.  

Matthias Arfmann and his band Turtle Bay Country Club (photo), consisting of himself, the singer Onejiru and the composers Milan East and Peter Imig, will invite the top chef Stevan Paul to join them on stage to install the cooker as a further instrument amidst sound system, drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.  

While Turtle Bay Country Club will perform live songs specially composed for Cook 'n' Dub as well as songs from their own repertoire, re-arranged for this event, the cooking sounds which result when Stevan Paul is chopping and sizzling on stage will be recorded and amplified with dubbed effects. But not only at sound level will the cooker be at the centre of attention – the music with its North African sounds will be perfectly seasoned to match Stevan Paul’s North African Maghreb cuisine, creating a multi-sensory experience made up of sound, fragrance and taste.  

The members of Turtle Bay Country Club: Onejiru (voc), Matthias Arfmann (dubs & git), Milan Meyer-Kaya (keys), Peter Imig (b) as well as the former James Brown cult drummer Tony Cook from Atlanta on percussion and the micro.
Top chef and author Stevan Paul (“Open Air - The Festival and Camping Cookery Book“, debut novel “Der große Glander“ – The Great Glander) has been a fan of Turtle Bay Country Club from the very beginning and as such he is perfectly cast for the instrument saucepan.

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Press accreditation opens today
Accreditations for the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 will start today! The last accreditation day is 15 Sept. 2017. The following link will take you to the pre-registration for accreditation. Judging by experience, a large number of accreditation requests are expected, so processing of requests may take a little longer – we apologize for the inconvenience!   

Photo and TV pass
An important note for all those who wish to take photos and videos at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017: You will only need a photo and TV pass if you use professional photos or video equipment.  
Elbe Philharmonic Hall (Elbphilharmonie)
The Elbphilharmonie will be official Reeperbahn Festival venue on Saturday 23 Sept. for the first time. Accreditation for the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 does not automatically include access to the Elbphilharmonie concerts. As the contingent for the Elbphilharmonie is strongly limited, accreditation requests will be handled in a separate procedure, beginning after accreditation for the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 has been confirmed.  

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

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Photo: Lidija Delovska
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