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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

music.brands.(e)motion: 2018 Edition

Brands worldwide are increasingly recognising the immense value, monetary and otherwise, of music, in part due to growing streaming numbers. So the time is ripe for another edition of our conference strand “music.brands.(e)motion” and to take a deeper look at existing relationships and communication lines.

We will examine the growing worldwide enthusiasm for E-Sports, Gaming & Music, discuss how Netflix & Co. are changing the industry, and get the essentials on Sync Across Europe.
Meet some of the big players in these fields: Gustav Käll, Global Head of E-Sports, Universal Music; Bernhard Mogk, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Business Development E-Sports League ESL; Annette Gentz, one of Germany’s premier agents for film and concert music; Chris Mazur, Manager Marketing Music Clearance at Netflix; and Milena Fessmann from Cinesong.

For more speakers and details on the sessions, please read below.


E-Sports, Gaming & Music

E-sports is exploding and music seems to be the perfect match to amplify the potential of e-sport games and events. E-sports sales worldwide are already estimated at €620 million with an online games market volume of around €12 billion – and exponential growth is forecasted. It's time to take a closer look at this phenomenon in order to unlock a new dimension in the potential of E-Sports, Games & Music, because the e-sports industry needs good tracks from established artists and newcomers alike. We’ll be bringing together the big players in this field on a single stage: 
Gustav Käll (Global Head of E-Sports, Universal Music, SE – photo), Bernhard Mogk (Senior Vice President Global Sales & Business Development, Electronic Sports League - ESL, DE), Nathalie Breter (Communication Manager for the e-sports advertising agency Hurrah!, FR), and Duncan Smith (Music Supervisor, Sony Playstation, GB). Session moderator is the composer and media activist Matthias Hornschuh (DE).


Netflix & Co.

There are some new attractions in town, that’s for sure – and they seem like a dream come true for all you music providers out there. Netflix and Amazon Prime are changing the industry and the world of moving pictures will never be the same as it was before. How can the music industry adapt and accommodate Netflix & co. to become part of this worldwide cultural transition and get in on the growing opportunities?
Tina Funk (General Manager, VEVO, DE) will host this super-exciting panel about Netflix & Co. and will talk with the following heavyweights in the field about new opportunities for successful sync business in this area: Chris Mazur (Manager Marketing Music Clearance, Netflix, US), Annette Gentz (Managing Director/ Film Music Supervisor, Annette Gentz Music & Film Arts, DE), Johnny Klimek (Musician, Music Producer, Film Composer, well known for his Golden Globe and Deutscher Filmpreis nominations, ES), and Dan Koplowitz (Friendly Fire Licensing, US).



Sync Across Europe

In association with the UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors, we have invited some of the top music agents from across Europe to discuss what’s trending in sync right now and to talk about the different challenges and potential opportunities across the board.
All our panellists have great knowledge and experience in either film, TV advertising or games. At Sync Across Europe experts will provide some insight and info on the processes involved in finding the right music-picture matches and share with us the opportunities available to artists and rights holders in this fast-moving environment.
Milena Fessmann, the grande dame of German music consultancy, will be the host of this exciting panel and will talk to Duncan Smith (Music Supervisor, Sony Playstation, GB), Marcel A. Wiebenga (Strategy Director & Partner, Sizzer Amsterdam, NL), Stéphanie Sfeir (Music Supervision, Creaminal Music Supervision, FR - photo) and Goran Obad (Head of Music Supervision, Ohlogy, NO) about successful sync business across Europe.


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