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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Dear media partners, dear colleagues,
The third Reeperbahn Festival New York Edition has ended in the Big Apple, and in Hamburg, we are taking huge steps towards compiling the music programme. For, although we can announce a great number of new names today (64, to be exact), it is clear that even more band and artists will be confirmed for Reeperbahn Festival 2018.
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 26 June 2018
By announcing 64 bands' and artists' names today, the number of acts confirmed for this year’s Reeperbahn Festival is rising to a proud count of 180. This is quite a handsome figure; however, it is not even half of the live music programme. That means that all future confirmations remain thrilling!

In 2016, the ANCHOR nominees Parcels (AU) scored with a relaxed, danceable retro sound – and on top, the extremely attractive five-man band turned out to be a true darling of the audience. Lately, they were convincing as supporting act of Phoenix, now we are looking forward to their show on the Reeperbahn – they will surely bring along their single “Overnight”, produced by Daft Punk!
A similarly relaxing summer sound will be heard from Jeremy Loops (ZA) with his guitar pop, making him the star of his South African home radio landscape.
Amber Run (GB) are presenting a new face on their current EP “The Assembly” – at Reeperbahn Festival the band will show how they manage to deliver old songs in an exciting new guise.
Their laid-back and varied pop melodies as well as their great lyrics are presently making International Music (DE) THE hot German band; that’s why they were signed up at once by the renowned Staatsakt label.
The pianist Joep Beving (NL) managed to score an unbelievably viral success with his debut album “Solipsism”, which he had recorded all on his own. It catapulted him directly into the same league with stars such as Max Richter and Nils Frahm.
Not only is old master Dylan on a never-ending tour, the Munich-based alternative rock band Blackout Problems (DE) is also an expert in this field. In spite of their strong live presence, they managed to finish their second album “Kaos” and, as you might have guessed, its songs are ideal for the cathartic shows of the band.
Feverous beats, synthesizer and his uniquely clear voice make “You Will Not Die” by Nakhane (ZA) (photo) one of the best current soul albums, suggesting that he will be one of the rising stars who – just like Rag’n’Bone Man in 2015 – could turn out to be one of the sensations of this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. 

Also confirmed: Nina Attal (FR), Okta Logue (DE), PONGO (AO/PT), Agar Agar (FR), Men I Trust (CA), Cuco (US), Blanco White (GB), Jack Vallier (GB), Amyl and the Sniffers (AU), Pip Blom (NL), Dizzy (CA), Cassia (GB), White Trash (GB), Leroy Menace (DE), Aeris Roves (GB), Jugo Ürdens und EINFACHSO (AT), Blackberries (DE), Mister Me (DE), Konni Kass (FO), Blind Butcher (CH), Anna Leone (SE), KEIR (GB), AROMA (DE), BLVTH (DE), LUEAM (DE), Sorry (GB), The Holy (FI), CEEYS (DE), I Am K (NO), The Homesick (NL), KUOKO (DE), FLUT (AT), Cari Cari (AT), Scotch & Water (DE), John Metcalfe (GB), Iskandar Widjaja (DE/ID), Wanthanee (BE), Marina Baranova (UA), WARGIRL (US), NEØV (FI), Tom Allan & The Strangest (GB), Two Year Vacation (SE), FRUM (FO), TENTS (AT), Dream Catcher (LU), Napoleon Gold (LU), Bartleby Delicate (LU), Naked Cameo (AT), Ferris & Sylvester (GB), The Crispies (AT), Dope Calypso (HU), Solo Ansamblis (LT), Please The Trees (CZ), Peter Gregson (GB), Love Machine (DE), Planetarium (DE), Botticelli Baby (DE).

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