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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Dear media representatives, dear colleagues,With today’s release, we can announce that the 2018 Reeperbahn Festival line-up now comprises exactly 310 published band and artist names! Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 7 August 2018
The approximately 600 live concerts of the Reeperbahn Festival are taking giant steps towards their completion. Today a further 33 names are requesting media attention!  

Eight published albums, the latest one “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, have won Mike Rosenberg a large worldwide fan community. Whoever wonders why the singer-songwriter genre is becoming more and more popular might get a satisfying answer when looking at Passenger (GB) (photo): As long as there are artists who, with their songs and stories, express exactly what so many people feel, there will always be enough listeners!
Zak Abel (GB) and his intriguing soul-pop, which also embraces Electronica, Afro house and disco beats, is similarly honest und touching, but is musically at home somewhere quite different.
It took Octavian (GB), who was born in France and raised in south-east London, just four singles to make a superstar like Drake sing along with his hymn “Party Here” on Instagram, and BBC as well as Beats 1 play his songs – meanwhile he is considered the most promising newcomer of UK rap.
Great rock songs with refrains that take off like rockets is what Sunset Sons (GB/AU) have in store – with their latest singles “Love Lights” and “Running Man” the trio will give a first taste of their new album which is about to be released. 
The world-music crossover project Oi Va Voi (GB) will introduce itself with their new singer Zohara Niddam. Their new album “Memory Drop” will be published as late as autumn because of all their live shows – and although the band remains true to its principle of purposely avoiding stylistic boundaries, it still has its own unmistakable sound that blows the audience from their seats.
If your musical education takes place on YouTube, you can be sure that Grace Carter (GB) is much younger than 25 and, moreover, that it is still possible to learn to write fantastic songs as her debut album, produced by Mike Dean (and Kanye West, Frank Ocean), proves.
Vizediktator (DE) is straight outta Berlin Moabit – four young men with a lot of passion, drive, political standing and even more sweeping rock songs!  

Also confirmed:
Nico Casal (GB), Mélissa Laveaux (FR), Strange Bones (GB), Asylums (GB), Robocobra Quartet (IE), UNS (DE), Stevans (CH), Marius Bear (CH), Thylacine (FR), Foé (FR), Kazy Lambist (FR), Kimberose (FR), Royaume (FR), Tample (FR), Mariama (FR), Part-Time Friends (FR), Any Other (IT), The Pier (IT), Giungla (IT), Fogh Depot (RU), Kito Jempere (RU), Anton Maskeliade (RU), Chikiss (RU), Chkbns (RU), Pompeya (RU), Blue Jean Serenade (LV). 

"Music Moves Europe Talent Awards" –Celebrating European Music Talents
The kick-off event of the new award "Music Moves Europe Talent Awards" will take place during the Reeperbahn Festival 2018!
The new prize of the European Union for popular and contemporary music, implemented by Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival and several European music industry associations, will be awarded to artists who represent the European sound of today and tomorrow. The award is aimed at supporting new music talents from Europe and developing their international careers.  The nominees will be presented on Friday, 21 September, in two shows at the Reeperbahn Festival, the twelve winners will be announced in November, and prizes awarded at the ESNS in Groningen in the Netherlands.  
Nominees are selected through monitoring the European Breaker Charts, their streaming figures, results of the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) and recommendations from music export offices as well as partners involved in the prize-giving. The winners will be rewarded with live gigs, a tailor-made training programme and financial support for tours and promotion campaigns. The annual Music Moves Europe Talent Awards are co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.   
The awards will be presented by ESNS and the Reeperbahn Festival, in cooperation with Yourope, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA), the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF), Liveurope, Live DMA, European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) and Digital Music Europe (DME).  

The Reeperbahn Festival is organised by Reeperbahn Festival GbR
and Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG.
Neuer Pferdemarkt 1, 20359 Hamburg

PhG Reeperbahn Festival GbR: Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG und Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion GmbH;
Gf: Alexander Schulz / U-I-Nr.: DE247756458

PhG Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG: Inferno Events Verwaltungs GmbH;
Gf: Alexander Schulz, Detlef Schwarte / U-I-Nr.: DE 210469759
Photo: Jarred Seng
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