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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Sound & Society – More Than Music

In the Sound & Society thematic strand, we’re focusing on the themes of "pop and populism" and "inclusion".

Artists like OK Kid, Sookee, and Kinnie Starr, journalists like Markus Staiger, Juri Sternburg, and Dennis Plauk, and industry representatives like Oliver Hoppe and Florian Drücke will discuss the moral compass of the music industry – with a particular emphasis on the genre of rap.

Where is there a need for action in the area of inclusion? We will discuss this in a total of four events. In addition, themes such as Women In Music and Music In The Middle East are once again on Sound & Society's agenda.

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Pop And Populism

"So far and no further", was the title of the July issue of Visions music magazine. In the session Pop And Populism we want to talk to Oliver Hoppe (Wizard Promotions, DE), Dennis Plauk (Visions, DE), Holger Jan Schmidt (BN*PD, DE), Jonas Schubert (OK Kid, DE), and Florian Drücke (BVMI, DE – photo) about whether the music industry needs a (new) moral compass and what responsibility artists and the teams behind the scenes have had for populism becoming a widely accepted cultural stylistic device.


Anti-Semitism And Music

Music is an important point of reference for children and young people. What must be done to identify, classify, and expose anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, and right-wing worldviews that appear in music?
How should the music industry respond? How should parents and teachers react? We will discuss this in a German session amongst others with Anna Groß (Springstoff, DE – photo), Marius Hellwig (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, DE), and Azadê Peşmen (Independent Journalist, DE).

Presented by VUT and Amadeu Antonio Foundation.



Women In Music

Women in rap. Is it really still an issue we need to talk about? Or is everything as obvious as it should be? Marina Buzunashvilli (Die Marina, DE), Miriam Davoudvandi (splash! Mag, DE), Sookee (Musician, DE), and Salwa Benz (Journalist, DE) discuss the topic.
In the session Women In Music, presented by Keychange, Pat Carr (Remote, GB – photo), Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity, GB), Kinnie Starr (Artist, CA), and Codruta Vulcu (ARTmania, RU) discuss the reality that women in the music industry encounter in their day-to-day work. What are the realistic chances that the status quo beyond lip service will actually change in the medium term and across the board?


The Situation Of Rap

Extremely successful, yes – but Deutschrap is being closely scrutinised by both the public and the industry. In Status Quo Deutschrap we’ll talk about the identity of a genre at the crossroads between provocative youth culture, authentic scene, and commercial mainstream with Martin Seeliger (University of Hamburg, DE), Marcus Staiger (Journalist, DE), Juri Sternburg (Journalist, DE), and Lars Weisbrod (DIE ZEIT, DE – photo).



Inclusion And Music

What is the cultural sector, especially the music industry, doing in the field of inclusion and where is there an acute need for action? We will focus on this topic in four sessions: Inclusive Cultural Work, Inclusion – Accessible Events, The Forgotten Audience, and Oll Inklusiv. Speakers include Marga Glanz (Groove City, DE), Lnaz Amiraslani (PARVENUE - Kulturbüro, DE – photo), Laura Schwengber (Sign Language Interpreter, DE), and Matthias Strobel (Music Tech Germany, DE).


Music In The Middle East

The panel Music In The Middle East presents three countries with vibrant music scenes: Iran, Palestine and Lebanon. Representatives from the respective music industries will tell us about the difficulties, problems and challenges of their markets and give us an insight into the independent local music scenes.
Speakers: Nima Javan (Javan Records, IR), Maram Kablawi (Artist Manager, PS), and Lara Khoury (Sony Music Middle East, LB - photo).



Discover The Artist Business Profile

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The Extension Of Ticketing - Greencopper In Hamburg

In the panel The Extension of Ticketing on Friday, 21 Sept. the two experts Esben Christensen (Business Development, DK – photo) of Greencopper, Reeperbahn Festivals app provider and Ole Feltes (Head of Music Germany, DE) of Eventbrite, Reeperbahn Festivals conference ticket provider, will talk about the sale of tickets on the internet that is the interface between the concert business and the tech industry. Not only technologically, but also commercially, there are new business fields to open up for promoters as well as for ticketing companies and service providers that benefit both parties. And this is no rocket science any longer.

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