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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Sessions On Recorded Music & Rights Management

The topics of Recorded Music and Rights Management, which we present in today's newsletter, are rich in content and great speakers. Among others there are
Daniel Lieberberg (President Continental Europe and Africa, Sony Music, DE), Sulinna Ong (Global VP Artist Marketing, Deezer, GB), Michael Krause (Managing Director EMEA, Spotify, DE), Eliah Seton (President, Alternative Distribution Alliance, US), Hazel Savage (CEO/Co-Founder, musiio, SG), Dr. Harald Heker (Chairman, GEMA, DE), Jean-Noël Tronc (CEO, SACEM, FR), Imogen Heap (Artist / Founder Mycelia, GB) or Cherie Hu (Music-Tech Writer, US).

We will discuss the current status of the EU copyright reform and opportunities for fair digital rights management, the trends in music streaming, the promises of the Chinese music market and much more.



The ongoing debate (and by the time our conference takes place expected parliamentary decision) concerning The New European Copyright is a topic touching most music industry stakeholders. How can and will the legal framework address the troubles and hardships of the rights holders and enable a future-orientated music/tech cooperation? The fine points and biggger picture will be discussed at various sessions by experts and affected parties. Speakers include Dr. Harald Heker (GEMA, DE - photo), Jean-Noël Tronc (SACEM, FR), Annabella Coldrick (MMF, GB), Claudia Schwarz (MusicTech Germany, DE) and many more.


The World Of A&R

Artists and Repertoire: The foundation of all recorded music. We take a look at today’s realties of this field in our session A&R Strategies -Between Guts and Algorithm. How have new technologies and social media trend monitoring changed the ways, new talent is discovered and developed and how has streaming changed the way an artist’s releases are planned? Speakers including Michaela Conde (Universal Music, DE), Daniel Vayness (Casablanca Records, US) and Singapore-Based CEO and co-founder of artificial Intelligence company musiio, Hazel Savage (SG - photo) look at old and new ways to promote and sustain artist careers and find the best songs to sign and push.



Recorded Music Industry

In recent years we could follow the recorded music industry’s return to strength through the success of music streaming. We'll have a variety of speakers talking about the forward looking strategies and current trends. High profile executives like Sony´s Daniel Lieberberg (DE) and ADA’s Eliah Seton (US), Spotify’s Michael Krause (DE, photo) and Deezer’s Sulinna Ong (GB) will illuminate their respective companies’ future directions and the ways to make artists big.
Speaking of artists: Henning Besser (DE), behind-the-scenes member of German hip-hop/elektro band Deichkind will talk about their way to work as artist/entrpreneur’s in todays music ecnomy.


Visions Of China

With Mathew Daniel (CN) of NetEase Cloud Music, one of the leading Chinese streaming providers, Scarlett Li (CN, photo), founder of Zebra Media, China's No 1 music festival operator, and Michael Tang (HK), who currently works in Digital Marketing at Warner Music Hong Kong, a wonderful reflection of the Chinese market on the stage in Hamburg succeeds. We are curious to see which Visions of China we can look forward to in the future.



Rights And Blockchain

Correct music metadata is one of the central problems in the music business. A standard has not yet become established. With the advent of the Blockchain technology, the ideas of direct sales, fair trade and a democratized barrier-free internet come alive. One of these approaches is, a European-funded project that is about to set up a blockchain-based "Creative Rights Data Repository" and a "Creative Rights Clearing House". Thereof report at Meta Data For Music Now? the guests Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt  (IMMF, GB), Imogen Heap (Mycelia, GB), Holm Keller (Kenup Foundation, DE), and Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin, GB).


More Sessions...

There are too many sessions to name them all in detail. Here are a few more highlights from the rights and recorded world:
You want the bigger picture? Browse our Rights Management programme and Recorded Music programme on our website to prepare your personlized Reeperbahn Festival schedule.



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