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Dear media partners, dear colleagues,
In fifteen days the 13th Reeperbahn Festival will begin. For this reason, this will be the last press release on the music programme, announcing that 56 further bands and artists have been confirmed. The Reeperbahn Festival International Music Journalism Award (IMJA) was initiated in 2017 to honour your work as critical observers of culture, in these times more important than ever. The jury has come to agreement, and this year's winners have been chosen. 
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 4 September 2018
56 new bands and artists
The publication of the schedule including the Reeperbahn Festival programme items have already indicated that we are in the final lap. However, today we can again announce 56 new bands and artists for guests of Reeperbahn Festival to look forward to.  

If featuring artists are called Patrice, Cody Chestnutt or Dillon Cooper, it's clear: GUTS LIVE BAND feat. Tanya Morgan (FR) will be the coolest hip-hop export of this year's partner country France, showing that their beats & rhymes are of such elegance that they can do without any display of testosterone.
The 19-year-old New Yorker King Princess (US) (photo) will commend herself for a leading role in the pop skies with the consistently strong songs of her debut album "Make My Bed".
Shotty Horroh (GB) has made a name for himself as one of the most proficient rappers in the British Isles with complex lyrics and virtuous wordplays – now he is combining his skills as a songwriter, rapper and singer with crisp indie rock guitar sounds that will surely fascinate not only the fans of The Streets.
His single debut "Bombay" is this year's summer hit, making it clear that the rapper JAZN (DE) will still cause some commotion with his natural coolness, top flow and a good sense of melody, while Pieter de Graaf (NL) with his wonderful piano compositions is seen as one of the future artists of neo classical music.
The 14-person Moka Efti Orchestra (DE) will prove that jazz is more alive than ever. Originally composed for the soundtrack of the TV series Babylon Berlin, the international ensemble and its captivating swing have already developed their own momentum, taking the audience into the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties.
Songwriter Angie McMahon (AU) is anything but a "slow mover", as the title of her current single might suggest, but with her touching voice and her enthralling sound, somewhere between blues and alternative, she is one of the greatest success stories of her home country. 

Also confirmed:
Novaa (DE), Emily Burns (GB), Nugat (DE), WWWater (BE), The Blue Stones (CA), The Slow Readers Club (GB), Viagra Boys (SE), SASSY 009 (NO), Kyan (GB), Rina Mushonga (NL/ZA), MarieMarie (DE), Jaz Karis (GB), Joel Culpepper (GB), Be Charlotte (GB), Harrison Storm (AU), Geowulf (AU), LARY (DE), Lydmor (DK), LIFE (GB), Fatherson (GB), Ripe & Ruin (DE), Phyasco (KE), Blinky Bill (KE), Muthoni Drummer Queen (KE), Kelvin Jones (ZW), LEA (DE), Sero (DE), Xavi (DE), Kelvyn Colt (DE), Makola (GB), Dandelion Wine (AU), Monako (DE), L Twills (DE), Infinit (DE), Nuage & Das Bassorchester (DE), Kinnie Starr (CA), Jim Kroft (DE), Cats & Breakkies (DE), Friedberg (GB), Temperance (FR), Salima Drider (FR), Lafote (DE), Lord Kesseli & the Drums (CH), Joshua Hyslop (CA), MIN t (DE), Eveline (DE), Yetundey (DE), Schlaraffenlandung (DE), Finna (DE).

The winners of the International Music Journalism Award (IMJA)
Congratulations and curtains up for the winners of this year's Reeperbahn Festival International Music Journalism Award (IMJA). We congratulate Klaus Walter (Germany), Mary Ann Hobbs (UK) and Belkacem Bahlouli (France) on being awarded "Best Music Journalist of the Year” in their corresponding language areas. They and further IMJA winners in the category "The Year’s Best Work of Music Journalism" will participate as speakers in the Reeperbahn Festival Conference.
The winner in the fourth category "Best Music Business Journalist of the Year” will be selected during Reeperbahn Festival by the delegates via online voting and will be announced on Saturday. Here you will find an overview of the individual categories, winners and articles.

In a year in which renowned publications such as Village Voice, the NME print edition and Intro have bowed out of the media landscape, recognition of international music journalism is more important than ever. For the second time already, the Reeperbahn Festival International Music Journalism Award will honour all those colleagues who stick to profound research and journalistic work against all odds, thus reflecting socio-cultural and political topics of our times beyond merely reporting on music.
From among around 300 submissions in German, English and French, the international and renowned jury has selected the winners who will be honoured in the course of an official prize-awarding ceremony at the Reeperbahn Festival Conference on 21 September 2018.

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