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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

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At the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin this week, it will become apparent that the creative industry and politics have ever more points of contact. The 33th edition of the world's most important event of the creative sector will start on 08 March and keep the Texan capital in suspense for ten days with festival items from the fields of film, tech, interactive and, of course, music. Reeperbahn Festival will again be part of the event with numerous activities, including panels on topics such as "Immersive Experiences" and "Gender Balance". Moreover, in 2019, there will be the traditional "Reeperbahn Hamburgers" receptions as well as a showcase night, this year dedicated to "Keychange – Empowering Women In Music".
Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 07 March 2019
For the 11th time tomorrow, the Reeperbahn Festival delegation, taking along their own comprehensive programme offering, will travel to the creative metropolis Austin which will become the world hub for music, film and interactive for ten days. SXSW Chief Programming Officer Hugh Forrest describes the SXSW audience as a diverse group of intelligent and open-minded young people who are the ideal platform for discussing complex issues of the future. This political dimension of SXSW 2019 will also show itself in the two-day discussion session where famous US politicians such as Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, opposition leader Kevin McCarthy as well as the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro, will have "conversations about America’s future" with SXSW visitors.

Empowering Women In Music… 
…is the credo of several programme items of Reeperbahn Festival at SXSW. Reeperbahn Festival is a co-initiator of European initiative "Keychange", which is aimed at ensuring a balanced gender ratio in the music world. Two years after its start, it is time now to have a look at comparable non-European initiatives. The US equivalent of "Keychange" is the newly founded Task Force of the Grammy Academy Initiative on Recorded Music. The Grammy Academy Task Force was recently founded after a survey carried out by the University of Southern California (USC) on gender distribution in the US music industry showed that in 2018 the ratio was one female character to 47 male characters. During a panel session the models of the two initiatives, whose goals are similar, will be compared. The discussion panel members are Vanessa Reed, Managing Director of PRS Foundation, Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee, singers of the band Gurr as well as a member of the Task Force on Gender Balance of the Grammy Academy Initiative on Recorded Music.The debate will be facilitated by Chris Douridas, co-founder of the radio channel KCRW, Los Angeles, and begin at German Haus at 02:00 pm on 12 March.

On the previous day, Reeperbahn Festival and "Keychange" will already stage a concert night, presenting a selection of international female artists at the venue EU@SXSW, including the new "Keychange" ambassadress, rapper Mavi Phoenix (AT), the band Gurr (DE) as well as Lowly (DK) and SOAK (UK). 

Immersive Experiences The second key topic of the Reeperbahn Festival programme offering at SXSW will be "Immersive Experiences". On 12 March, three technology-based programme items will take place at German Haus:   

  • Session: The Future of Us: On Exploring the Depth of Immersive Media and Creating New Social Experiences in Extended Realities. German Haus
  • Fireside Chat: Curating Festivals at the intersection of art, science, technology and creative industries. German Haus
  • Presentation: Presentation of commissioned work "Symphony of Noise VR" by Matthew Herbert, staged at Reeperbahn Festival in September 2019. The work will combine the compositions of the British sound scientist with virtual reality, creating an innovative music experience. German Haus
Reeperbahn Festival on Sequencer Tour 
Reeperbahn Festival is ambassador for the initiative "Deutschlandjahr USA", sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office and organized in cooperation with Goethe Institute and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). In the course of the Sequencer Tour, after a first event in Los Angeles in November, the second stop will be Austin. In this context, the following three sessions "How to achieve a gender balance in the music sector - comparing aims and measures in Europe and the U.S.", "The Future of Us: On Exploring the Depth of Immersive Media and Creating New Social Experiences in Extended Realities" and "Curating Festivals at the intersection of art, science, technology and creative industries" will be presented by "Deutschlandjahr USA" at German Haus on 12 March.  

The complete programme of Reeperbahn Festival at SXSW:
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Photo: Reeperbahn Festival
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