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18 - 21 SEPT. 2019 FYI
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Dear media partners, dear colleagues,
The entire media world is currently facing great challenges and changes. Music journalism is particularly affected, although well-researched background stories, which bring the settings and situations in which music is created closer to their readers, are more important than ever, given the flood of contemporary publications. In 2019, the third edition of the IMJA (International Music Journalism Award) of the Reeperbahn Festival will focus precisely on this professional group and will award the best international contributions, which can be submitted from now on till 31 May 2019. After that date, the winning publications will be available to the public via the Reeperbahn Festival's digital and print channels. We are looking forward to numerous submissions and exciting contributions!   

Hamburg, 25 March 2019
In 2019, the Reeperbahn Festival will grant the International Music Journalism Award for the third time. We will also award a prize for contributions from French-speaking areas in addition to awards for articles in English and German in cooperation with Le Bureau Export. 

Top-quality, demanding journalistic work is a valuable asset. This still holds true in a media landscape which is undergoing massive changes and whose existence is being more and more fundamentally challenged. Especially, in the niche sector of cultural journalism, the erosion is particularly acute. Most traditional publications of this genre are under great economic pressure. Many of them have already had to capitulate. The environment in which high-quality, creative journalism can flourish is thus becoming ever more difficult and unattractive, especially for newcomers. This is why we consider it even more important to encourage and support journalists writing about popular music and the music business. And this is particularly true for the generation of those under 30 years of age.  

The Reeperbahn Festival has devoted itself to the presentation and promotion of young aspiring musicians. To ensure sustainable artistic development, creative work should always go hand in hand with alert, critical support. For this reason, in 2019, we will award the international prize for music journalism for the third time.

A professional jury will honour outstanding individual articles but also excellent,continuous journalistic work dealing with popular music and its economic environment. Special attention will be given to the work of young music journalists.  

Presentation of award winners
To place above all the journalistic works at the centre of attention, the award winners will already be announced four weeks before the Reeperbahn Festival, and the award-winning articles made available to the interested public. Depending on the type of the award-winning contributions, they will be presented on the digital or print channels of the Reeperbahn Festival or live at a venue. What we hope to achieve is even greater acceptance of the works. Because in our view, true appreciation of these works is shown when reading, viewing, studying them – sometimes even a fee is paid. Other than customary, the prizes will not be awarded during a more or less festive and entertaining ceremony. The best music journalists will be honoured in the course of the Reeperbahn Festival Conference. The award winners will be invited to Hamburg to take part in panels or discussion events on the topics of music and media. On third Day of Reeperbahn Festival, Septemeber 20th, the prizes will awarded as part of a unpretentious award ceremony.
The prize for best business music journalist of the year is carried out by an online voting of the Reeperbahn Festival delegates.

Here you will find the categories and guidelines for your submissions  

Nominations can be submitted in the following categories:  
1. Best music journalist of the year - German / English / French
2. Best music-journalistic work of the year
a) Text (Print) - German / English / French
b) Audio (radio contributions, podcasts, on-demand media) - German / English
c) Multimedia - German / English
3. New perspective - best music-journalistic work of the year below 30 - German
4. Best business music journalist of the year - international
These works can be submitted until May 3, 2019.   

Works / candidates
For consideration by the jury, journalistic works must ...  
- ... deal with pop music, e.g. musicians, bands, concerts, festivals, audio recordings, contemporary reviews... 
-  ... be available to the public in a common analogue or digital format, e.g. text (newspaper, magazine, blog), photo (series), radio broadcast, TV broadcast, multimedia project, podcast, video channel or complete broadcast or online concepts, etc.… 
- ... have been published between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019. 

For the categories Best Music Journalist and Best Business Music Journalist, activities of the candidates will be considered in the period mentioned above and beyond. The prize is aimed at honouring powerful personalities who permanently address their field with a high level of expertise, enjoy high reputation and those who could be a role model for their profession as a whole and for newcomers in particular.

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