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Since 2013, the Reeperbahn Festival programme item "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent" has aimed at connecting ambitious export-ready German music acts with international representatives of the sector (e.g. from labels, publishing and live entertainment), thus starting their careers abroad. In 2019, the project will be extended by one more level. This year for the first time, the "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent“ will be part of the c/o pop Festival to present itself to the German music scene here now before going international again in September!
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 09 April 2019 
Starting this year, Reeperbahn Festival as an international platform of the music industry will extend its "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent" programme by cooperating with the c/o pop Festival. This will raise public awareness for the programme on promoting the international careers of ambitious German artists and will position itself even more clearly within the national music scene and business during the c/o pop Festival.  

One good thing about globalisation is that German bands and artists are increasingly successful abroad. On the other hand, the amount of music has never been more abundant, and it is correspondingly difficult to be heard and to find the right partners who are crucial when it comes to international careers. This is precisely the reason why in 2013 the "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent" programme was initiated by Reeperbahn Festival to bring together young bands and artists with international industry representatives from the areas of publishing, management, sales, label or booking, during Reeperbahn Festival. This way, a network of over 150 international talent buyers has been established, which has already provided substantial support for the international careers of more than 60 German acts such as Gurr, Ace Tee, ROOSEVELT, Giant Rooks or Leoniden.  

To raise public awareness of the programme, above all in the domestic scene, the network will extend towards Cologne this year, where "Wunderkinder" will become part of the c/o pop Festival for the first time.  

The focus here is clearly on the national music market: During the Cologne "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent" programme at the c/o pop Festival, participating acts will present themselves in ten concerts. In addition, the participants will meet national delegates from the fields of live entertainment and publishing as well as label representatives at special networking events. At least two of these acts will then have the opportunity to perform to the network of international industry representatives and to the audience at Reeperbahn Festival in September.  

Apart from customised contacts for all bands and artists, participation in the "Wunderkinder – German Music Talent" programme will also offer the opportunity to perform at the international Reeperbahn Festival spin-offs in New York, Beijing, Accra or Los Angeles to collect first show experiences with an international audience.  

Alexander Schulz, Director Reeperbahn Festival: "Since its foundation in 2013, 60 national artists and around 150 international talent buyers have passed through our 'Wunderkinder – German Music Talent’ programme. Since then, many of the participating musicians have also established themselves in markets outside Germany. I am pleased that thanks to the enhanced support by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media we have the opportunity to extend the programme. By cooperating with our friends of the c/o pop Festival, we can now facilitate international market entry for even more talents from Germany." 

Norbert Oberhaus, Managing Director cologne on pop GmbH (organiser of the c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention): "The extension of the 'Wunderkinder – German Music Talent' programme to the c/o pop Festival shows how successfully this project has established itself and that it continues to grow. We are very pleased to implement a further platform for national artists and bands in collaboration with Reeperbahn Festival, and to present it to German market participants. The Cologne edition of 'Wunderkinder – German Music Talent' is meant to be a stepping stone to Hamburg, a perfect addition to the activities and programmes on promoting German newcomers in the course of the c/o pop Festival."

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The Reeperbahn Festival is organised by Reeperbahn Festival GbR
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PhG Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG: Inferno Events Verwaltungs GmbH;
Gf: Alexander Schulz, Detlef Schwarte / U-I-Nr.: DE 210469759
Photo: Reeperbahn Festival
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