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Music.BrANDS.(e)motion: 2019 edition

How would the world sound like without all the creative composers and producers contributing all those great soundtracks and themes to our lives? The time seems to be just right for the next edition of the well anticipated conference strand music.brands.(e)motion where we will take again a deeper look at existing relationships and communication lines. 

We will discuss about Gender Gap in Score Music, take a deeper look into music supervising, learn more about the music strategy of the company Viva con Agua and get the essentials of authenticity and commercial success with advertisement.

Meet some of the big players in those areas like Thomas Mikusz (Founder of White Bear PR & board of “The Alliance for Women (!) Film Composers”, US - photo 1), Jonathan Finegold (Founder of Fine Gold Music, US - photo 2), Pia Hoffmann (Owner Musicsupervision, DE - photo 3), Ilana Goldstoff (Music Research & Music Supervisor at Sizzer Amsterdam, NL - photo 4), Anne Haffmans (Head of Domino Germany, DE), Anna Kuhn (Head of music & sports cooperations Viva con Agua, DE), Andrew Kahn (Founder of Good Ear Music Supervision, US) and a lot more of talents.

Get more information about the speakers and details on the sessions below.


Gender Gap in SCORE Music

Although a high number of women enter the profession of a media composer working in Film, Television and Video Games Music, they are still highly outnumbered by men when it comes to being hired on projects.

How can we overcome gender inequality and bring more diversity to the front of this sector?

Annette Gentz (music agent and supervisor, Annette Gentz Music Arts, DE), will host the exciting panel Gender Gap in Score Music: The relevance of diversity in the Film, TV and Video Game Music Industry with great guests like Aisling Brouwer (ambient classical composer, producer and pianist, DE), Thomas Mikusz (Founder of White Bear PR & board of The Alliance for Women Film Composers, US), Milena Fessmann (Cinesong, DE) and Anne Haffmans (Head of Domino Germany, DE - photo). The panelists will talk about their experience with this topic and how individuals are trying to make a change.


Brands on music: Viva Con Agua

Talking about human rights: Clean water! Viva con Agua is more than just a “normal” charity project, it is a global and social network with more than 15,000 volunteers in which everyone can participate to its own capabilities and time to promote and share the vision of clean drinking water becoming a human right.

Within this multicultural network and especially in countries like Nepal, Uganda and Ethiopia universal languages like sports, arts and music are used to communicate despite any cultural barriers.

Moreover, Viva con Agua works closely with musicians such as Milky Chance, Mogli, Bosse, ZAZ and many more for a powerful voice to invite everyone for a positive and joyful way of social engagement and responsibility for a change. Anna Kuhn (Head of music & sports cooperations at Viva con Agua, DE) gives insights into Viva con Agua's strategy to merge their brand, their vision and music lifestyle successfully.


all about Music Supervision

What is the secret to getting your music placed in film and television? Music supervisors!

There are a lot of rumours going around what the job of a music supervisor is. The job title has been thrown around so much in media and the music business lately, it is no wonder very few people – even within the entertainment industry – have any idea what a supervisor really does.

Jonathan Finegold (Fine Gold Music, US) will host the panel How to prepare yourself as a Music Supervisor – the Four Major Misconceptions of Music Supervision. The following heavyweights will be taking part in the discussion: Pia Hoffmann (Musicsupervision, DE), Ben Sumner (Co-founder of Feel For Music, UK), Ilana Goldstoff (Music Research & Music Supervisor at Sizzer Amsterdam, NL) and Andrew Kahn (Founder of Good Ear Music Supervision, US - photo).


Authenticity & success with advertisement

There is a thin line between a hit and a flop, that is for both, for songs and for commercials – especially in the combination of both!

Many songwriters and producers who are writing for sync, are too often overlooking the importance of injecting creativity, personality, and weirdness into their art! The panel Authenticity and commercial success with advertisement will be a very interesting conversation and discussion amongst the music supervisors and music creators. 

Frank Spilker (singer of Die Sterne and in the board of the VUT, DE) will discuss with advertising experts, creatives and, the most important thing, with real music lovers: Niko Floss (Head of A&R and Creative Services at TRO, DE), Rosie Hill (Head of Creative at Sentric Music, UK - photo), Andrew Kahn (Founder of Good Ear Music Supervision, US) and Eva Beck (Brandmanager at SUP3RSONIC a brand of nhb ton GmbH, DE). 


a try-out of "a symphony of noise"

Immersing in high-end soundscapes, a new sense of hearing, seeing and feeling: The virtual-reality experience A Symphony of Noise promises an interactive journey into everyday sounds and the music hidden therein. A try-out of this event, inspired by the musician and producer Matthew Herbert and co-produced by Reeperbahn Festival, can be experienced from 7 – 15 June at the VRHAM! Festival in Hamburg. Your Feedback will be part of the progress towards completion. The premiere of A Symphony of Noise will be presented at Reeperbahn Festival 2019!


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