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Keychange 2.0. – gender equality by 2022

At last, some good news from London! Extension of the Keychange 50/50 Pledge was announced there today, extending the approach of balanced line-ups on festival concert and conference stages by 2022 to many further enterprises and organisations related to the music industry. With this activity, the Keychange initiative is increasingly becoming a model project for how successful implementation of gender equality can be achieved, and it will hopefully be a role model for many further industry sectors.

In 2017, the Keychange initiative was launched by the British PRS Foundation at Reeperbahn Festival; it aims at strengthening the role of women in the music in order to achieve gender equality in the music industry in the future. In the course of this initial event, Reeperbahn Festival has promised to present balanced line-ups on its concert and conference stages by 2022, laying the foundation of the Keychange 50/50 Pledge for festivals to join this commitment. Meanwhile, more than 250 music organisations and festivals have signed this pledge and are supporting the initiative. Keychange is an international programme supported by the directorate Education and Culture of the European Commission and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). Together with 11 European partners, Reeperbahn Festival has applied for funding from the EU Commission to continue the extended Keychange initiative from 2019 to 2022. Find all important information for companies and organisations on participation in the programme here


36 newly confirmed acts

Reeperbahn Festival is glad to announce a wave of new acts upgrading the concert programme of 2019: Leoniden (DE, photo), Elderbrook (GB), Ebow (AT), SYML (US), Gurr (DE), Fortuna Ehrenfeld (DE), Justin Jesso (US), Gently Tender (GB), Bayonne (US), Provinz (DE), YĪN YĪN (NL), DOBBY (AU), Sea Girls (GB), The Night Café (GB), Oehl (AT), LES BIG BYRD (SE), Catnapp (DE, AR), Inhaler (IE), FVLCRVM (SK), John Van Deusen (US), Darjeeling (DE), Moglii (DE) and many more.


partnernews: music Gateway

What if there was one place where creatives and industry pros could come together in one platform with tools and opportunities created especially for the music industry?

Well, our friends over at Music Gateway offer exactly that in pursuit of their goal: empowering creatives.

Find out more here.





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