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The musical range of Reeperbahn Festival 2019 is multi-faceted as never before: Today's selection of newly confirmed acts alone comprises thrilling African rhythms, exciting UK jazz, fascinating electronica and, of course, singer-songwriters with dazzling songs. Moreover, today's new announcement of 53 bands and artists cracks the mark of 200 (232 to be exact) acts confirmed for Reeperbahn Festival. Apart from the great number of artists every year, Reeperbahn Festival would not be complete without the Helga! Festival Award which will present some new features this year.
Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 09 July 2019


53 new bands and artists for Reeperbahn Festival 2019
It has never been a musical one-way street, but the 14th edition of Reeperbahn Festival will be as diversified as probably never before: The increasing number of artists from Africa alone will give the festival all sorts of new impulses, making the shades of music shine even more brightly and the 232 acts now confirmed a real voyage of discovery in terms of sound.

The dance music legend Ata Kak (GH) will show that the fusion of Ghanaian highlife sound and hip-hop sound is right up to date. After many years, he can be experienced again in Germany with his crazy raps and exotic rhythms.
Billie Marten (GB) (photo) proves that young songwriters succeed in maturing calmly and gaining in depth even in our supersonic times; with her debut single "Ribbon" she recorded six-digit streaming figures, published her debut album a little later and is now our guest at Reeperbahn Festival with her follow-up work "Feeding Seahorses By Hand".
As bass and second vocal of the indie eccentrics Wild Beasts who parted in 2018, Tom Fleming has already experienced everything a young musician can live through – with his own project One True Pairing (GB) he is lifting the arts pop of this former band to a personal level.
A formation such as Portico Quartet (GB) is responsible to no small degree for the fact that the current London jazz scene is as relevant as hardly ever before: Their eccentric mix of chamber jazz and ambient sound not only works perfectly when recorded but also live on stage. 
Electronic and thrilling, that's what to expect from the Johannes Motschmann Trio (DE), who on their debut "Electric Fields" will sound out the worlds between classic compositions and modern sound aesthetics with polymetric beats, orchestral arrangements and subtle overtones.
With their danceable Afro punk and breakneck rhythms ranging between rebellion and party, the duo Tshegue (FR, CG) combines cultural awareness and innovation, making the dance floor boil in no time at all – to be experienced at Reeperbahn Festival 2019!  

Also confirmed: The Gardener & The Tree (CH), A-WA (IL), Shey Baba (US), Beatrich (LT), LissA (DE), MOTTRON (FR), Sebastian Plano (AR), Féfé & Leeroy (FR), Jungle by Night (NL), Mayumi Kanagawa & Giuseppe Guarrera (US, IT), Black Country, New Road (GB), Brutus (BE), Emma Steinbakken (NO), iris (NO), Pizzagirl (GB), Gato Preto (DE), Robot Koch & String Quartet (DE), Do Nothing (GB), LEJO (DE), Mikey Mike (US), Ivan Skanavi & Joel Blido (DE, RU), Alfred Chen (TW), Johanna Ruppert (DE), Deep Glaze (HU), Platon Karataev (HU), Teepee (CZ), On-The-Go (RU), The Bad Tones (LV), ba. (LT), Kai Schumacher (DE), Chaos Chaos (US), Lisa Pac (AT), Noisy Pots (CZ), Rosborough (GB), Islandman (TR), Amanda Tenfjord (NO), Hunney Pimp (AT), Bandit Bandit (FR), Louis Baker (NZ), Linn Stern (SE), The Hormones (CN), Everyone You Know (GB), Thelma Plum (AU), JUVIL (DE), Cascade Lakes (DE), Edwin Hosoomel (DE), Summer & The GIANTESS (DE).


Helga! Festival Award 2019 – New concept and new partners
Since its premiere in 2013 the Helga! Festival Award has been an indispensable part of Reeperbahn Festival. Hosted as usual by Carsten Schumacher and Bernd Begemann, the Helga! Festival Award will show that high standard and best entertainment go perfectly hand in hand. In 2019 the doors of the Imperial Theater Hamburg will open again for the 7th presentation of the Helga! Festival Awards at 5:00 pm on Thursday, 19 September 2019. In a total of six categories the award forbest festival in Germany in the period from 01 September 2018 to 30 August 2019 will be presented.
This year the Helga! Festival Award will put forward some new features, i.e. the introduction of an application procedure as well as the Helga! partners LiveKomm and HÖME

Something new: Festivals that want to be considered as candidates for this year's Helga! Festival Award must now apply on giving a short statement on why they should win the prize. The application phase begins now, application deadline is Friday, 30 August 2019 - 11:59 pm; membership in an association is not necessary.
Starting now to 07 September 2019, a public vote for the category "Best Festival" will be available on the website mentioned above.

In cooperation with the working committee FestivalKombinat of LiveKomm, Reeperbahn Festival has composed national expert juries for each category which will decide on this year's winners.

This year, we welcome HÖME Magazin as new media partner. HÖME, the "home of festival culture", will host the public vote as well as the newly created application process of the festival.  As second new partner, we welcome LiveKomm, LiveMusikKommission - Verband der Musikspielstätten in Deutschland e.V. (Association of Music Venues in Germany). LiveKomm as umbrella association of the working committee FestivalKombinat supports us as competence partner in the fields of organisation, communication and evaluation of the festival applications. 

Detlef Schwarte, Director Reeperbahn Festival Conference: "The first good news about the Helga! Festival Award 2019 is that everything stays as it was: the exquisite live atmosphere and liquid basic supplies, the fantastic moderator duo Schumacher/Begemann and the appreciation of the chosen winner festival by sturdy shouts of Helga! will naturally be in place again. The second good news: a few things have still changed. For example, in future festivals can call attention to themselves on account of the new application procedure, which will above all help smaller festivals make themselves known. Selection by jury decision increases the significance and transparency of the award. Together with the festival platform HÖME and the working committee FestivalKombinat of LiveKomm we are on the right path to further develop the Helga! Festival Award for the sector. For relevant and amusing can go hand in hand!" 

More information on the Helga! Festival Award can be found here.





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Photo 1: CODA Agency, Photo 2: Reeperbahn Festival

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