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music.brands.(e)motion – the full programme

It is one of the most high-class sync & brands programmes to be found on the global music conference circuit: the sessions of the music.brands.(e)motion strand at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival! Meet and listen to outstanding industry personalities and award winning music supervisors like Ben Sumner (Feel for Music, UK), Codie Childs (Leland Music, UK), Milena Fessmann (Cinesong, DE), Thoja von Uthmann (Peermusic, DE) and many more.

We will also sync around the world, you have the chance to pitch a song at the Vodafone scouting session, we will give you updates on esports and their latest developments with Kristina Müller (Head of Strategic Partnerships, ESL, DE), look at the potential of musical theatres and feel with mastermind Götz Ullmer (Chief Creative Officer, Jung von Matt, DE) on I wish I had done that!

Get more information about the speakers and details on the sessions below and on our website.


Götz Ulmer: I wish I had done that!

With all the trillions of commercials, music is rarely much more than just the soundscape. Occasionally, however, there are those rare moments where everything fits together in perfect harmony and music is just in line with the visuals. This is the moment when the core and the creative approach of an idea and a concept can drive the whole campaign.
In the session I wish I had done that Götz Ulmer (Chief Creative Officer, Jung von Matt, DE, photo) presents his personal wish list and a ‘best of’ collection of creative advertising clips with music in its core.

Following a cherished tradition, Götz will pass on the baton he received last year to the new host for 2020.


Vodafone Song Scouting Session

As a career booster for artists, the Vodafone advertisement campaigns have proven to become real break throughs for a lot of young emerging talents. Together with White Horse Music, their long-term musical partner of those campaigns, Vodafone will set the stage again at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival: interested delegates have the chance to pitch their music for the next Vodafone campaign! In the end, 15 tracks will make it to the grand finale at the Vodafone song scouting session. The creative executives Alexander Norvilas (Creative Director Art, Jung von Matt, DE) and Julian Krohn (Creative Director Music, White Horse, DE, photo) will then give their assessment. All registered delegates will receive a briefing prior together with an invite to offer their song.


The Potential of Musical Theatres

It is an almost unnoted world with some unexpected potentials: Music Theatre and all the creative possibilities in regard to the placement of new musical works and compositions in dramatic works. Vespertine is an opera inspired by pop music and a good example of developing new forms of Music Theatre: when it premiered in May 2018 at National Theater Mannheim (NTM) they took Björk’s same named album as a template, transformed her musical universe into a symphonic version of it and ‘synched’ it with a modern science fiction love story. Susanne Rau (JANE NORRIS & HER SISTER T. SLEDGE, DE, photo) will host this pioneering session along with Stephan Kopf (Managing Director, Musik und Bühne, DE) and Julia Warnemünde (Dramatic Adviser, NTM, DE), who will give some insights on her work on Vespertine. The session will be completed by Ivan Hill (Sync & Licensing Manager, La Chunga Music Publishing, DE), and Julie Clare (Julie Clare Productions, UK).


composing music for video games

Legendary video games can not exist without music and that is a fact: Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and The Elder Scrolls are as famous for their fantastic scores as they are for their storylines and gameplay. Take a closer look at this rarefied, little-explored world in the session Unchained melody: The business of composing music for video games:

Thomas Mikusz (Founder of White Bear PR, US) will be the host of this burning panel and will discuss with Julie Elven (Soundtrack & Filmscore Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer, DE, photo), Helge Borgarts (freelancing Composer & Producer, DE), Music Week Music Supervisor of the Year 2017 for Video Games Ben Sumner (Games Supervisor & Co-Founder of Feel for Music, UK), and Marie Havemann (freelancing Video Games Composer, DE) about the future business of composing music for video games.  


art programme released!

Even though the four days at Reeperbahn Festival are primarily devoted to the future of music, it would not be complete without its art programme! Besides the Flatstock Europe Poster Convention comprising of works from international silkscreen artists and exhibitions in the city with tangible art in galleries, museums and even in a travel agency, visitors will be offered a diverse experience spanning the ambitiously entertaining mix of visual arts, installations, and happenings at the Festival Village, which will host the ARTS PLAYGROUND. Part of the programme will be among others: the joint photo exhibition Fantasies 40 Plus (photo) by Hamburg author & humorist Heinz Strunk and photographer Dennis Dirksen, the walk-in installations by the artist Marina Zumi, who uses colours and light to create magical oases of calm in the midst of noisy city streets.

Also part of the ARTS PLAYGROUND: Hip-Hop aus Hamburg in die Welt #BACKSPIN25, 1010, Stefanie Schmid Rincon - On The Go, and many more.


meet the music supervisors

On Friday, 20 September, there is the chance to meet top international music supervisors at Reeperbahn Festival: The Meet the Music Supervisors Matchmaking offers the opportunity to speak with the experts, who work on music and artists for film, ad campaigns, and games from Germany, UK, the US, and other markets.

Meet the following Music Supervisors at the Speed Dating Session:


more showcase partners confirmed

As promised we are ready to announce the next bunch of confirmed showcase partners:
Additional partners, plus showcasing artists and showcase venues to follow soon! Discover further showcase programme.



The International Sound Awards (ISA) honour smart, innovative and useful projects from the areas of music, audio and sound tech. The winners of ISA2019 will be revealed at Reeperbahn Festival on 19 September.

The intention of the awards is to provide a platform for sound projects – such as in music technology, audio services, audio hard- and software, audio marketing, sound art, and beyond.

Today we like to announce the nominees of this year's International Sound Awards – 32 works from 13 countries convinced the international jury of ISA2019 and were nominated in several categories like ProductResearch & Development, Soundscapes & Ambient Sound, Health, Universal Design, Social & Culture and more.

Find out more about the nominees here.





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