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Explore the Sound & Society strand 2019

Recent developments in society, especially from the young generation, are influencing the programme of this year's Sound & Society strand:

Molly Neuman (Global Head of Business Development, Songtrust, US, photo) will share her thoughts and ideas on how companies can encourage greater diversity, more opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups in the music industry in her keynote speech in the context of the VUT Indie Days 2019 at Reeperbahn Festival. 

The panel Future Prospects: Generation Greta with amongst others Linnéa Svensson (Sustainability Consultant, Greener Events, NO, photo) takes care of the fact that it is teenagers who are exerting political pressure today and will lead to the question how the concert industry will confront the side effects of this change in society?

The ubiquitous presence of artists on social media channels is questioned in Is Social Media Killing The Radio Star?. The panel Steering Committee Music Machine ties on the topic with an evaluation by artists, such as Ayu (CH, photo), on how to compiling careers as musicians, gaining and keeping their fans happy, while simultaneously developing a reliable network of relations in a newly orchestrated music business periphery is done today.

Finally New Work and Holistic Health and Well-Being in the Music Industry will be part of the Sound & Society strand as well as the discussion Explore Europe that counteracts the instability of the European Union with providing helpful information on financing programmes that help create, set up and improve existing businesses throughout Europe!


vut indie days 2019

The Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT) is hosting the VUT Indie Days again as part of Reeperbahn Festival. This means sessions, workshops, networking events and as highlight the VIA - VUT Indie Awards. The VUT Indie House serves again as a central meeting point for the independent music industry at Reeperbahn Festival.

Molly Neuman (US), widely respected figure in music industry circles and Global Head of Business Development at Songtrust, the world’s largest global royalty collection service and publishing administrator, will open the VUT Indie Days with her keynote. In this she will detail the structural forces at work that are challenging the growth for independent artists and companies, such as high-risk investments in artist development or the power of big tech to influence market conditions.


discover the word programme

Authors, poetry slammers and stage writers, but also journalists and podcasters are thinking about the status quo of power, media and music - with unexpected results at this year's WORD programme.

For example, the award-winning poetry slammer David Friedrich (DE, photo) will present his second solo programme "Aber schön war es doch" (And it was nice after all). 

The journalists Vassili Golod and Jan Kawelke will be recording live new episodes for their podcast Machiavelli and will prove their knowledge of words and world politics. The podcast is also nominated for this year's International Music Journalism Award.

Discover more of the programme here.


the future of global music streaming

In May Reeperbahn Festival presented showcases, sessions, a reception and a matchmaking at Reeperbahn Festival @ WISE in Beijing.

We also took the opportunity to talk to Gareth Davies (Head Of International, Kontor Records, DE) for our E · MAGAZINE. He gave interesting insights into the global music market, the future of streaming and answered questions such as what China could learn from the European market. Watch the full interview with Gareth Davies in our E · MAGAZINE.


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