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Talkin' about Next Generation: Rather than a discussion of The Who's classic "My Generation", the focus here is on the future: as part of the Training Day programme on Saturday, 21 September 2019, Reeperbahn Festival will launch a new programme especially aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 21 in cooperation with the digital youth culture festival TINCON and the cultural project TONALi. Basic knowledge of music and cultural management will be conveyed in around 40 events, thus sparking dialogue between the established industry and the next generation.
Frehn Hawel 

Hamburg, 15 August 2019


Just as a songwriter is only ever as good as his or her next song, the future of the music industry depends on the young people who are enthusiastic about it and want to advance and decisively shape it.

The Training Day programme on Reeperbahn Festival Saturday has been providing all interested festival visitors with basic knowledge and insights into the industry for several years now.
In order to address the next generation even more specifically and precisely, Reeperbahn Festival is now expanding its Training Day programme to include events specifically tailored for new visitors between the ages of 16 and 21.   

Reeperbahn Festival's partners for this include the Grimme Online Award winning festival for digital youth culture, TINCON and the cultural project TONALi with its international audience academy, which teaches young people the basics of music and culture management. The explicit goal is to spark a dialogue between the existing music industry and the next generation in order to inspire young people to take an interest in the professional music business and to provide them with as many contacts as possible to get started.
This new programme aims to provide an overview of the areas of self-marketing, the live and touring business, training and further education as well as gender equality and sustainability in music in around 40 events.   

In addition to TINCON and TONALi, other partners such as GEMA, GVL, BDKV, BVMI, and educational institutions such as BIMM Hamburg, HDPK, Macromedia, Popakademie or the Verein für Popkultur will contribute to the programme.  

The activities are complemented by the TONALi Showcase on 21 September at Pooca Bar, which is organised and hosted by so-called pupil managers with the theme “Contrasts” and features classical music in a club environment by the following artists: 

  A selection of further programme items:  

Johnny Häusler (founder of TINCON e.V.): "As TINCON, we have made it our mission to help youth culture and young voices to gain more attention and opportunities. This of course also includes the most important area of youth culture: music. We are therefore very happy to be able to offer very special platforms, spaces, opportunities and perspectives to the young generation in Hamburg, together with Reeperbahn Festival". 

Amadeus Templeton (Managing Director TONALi): "What a great opportunity: TONALi student managers from all over Germany will be invited to Reeperbahn Festival for the first time in order to further professionalise themselves, to participate in fascinating sessions and showcases and to think about the future of the exciting music and culture business. The internationally applied TONALi principle 'Youth organises, plays and listens to classical music' will be implemented once again in a very special way at the showcase concerts at Pooca Bar. The cooperation with Reeperbahn Festival is very valuable to us as classic enthusiasts, especially as it is all about finding and exploring new areas outside the usual channels."  

Detlef Schwarte (Director Reeperbahn Festival Conference): "The music industry and its neighbouring sectors are being shaped more than ever by the next generation. Consumer behaviour, private channels of opinion formation, but also impulses for social change are increasingly emerging from it. The established patterns are losing importance more quickly than one might think. We want to offer this generation a permanent place at Reeperbahn Festival in the future, so that they themselves, but also the rest of the industry, benefit from it. The focus is on learning from each other. In this respect, the cooperations in this first year are a wonderful start and awaken a desire for more". 





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