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Apart from a lot of particularly exciting new music, every Reeperbahn Festival always covers socio-political topics, too. Specifically for this purpose, the Future Playground will be opened in the Festival Village this year: In ten containers arranged around the Future Dome as epicentre for presentations, discussions, networking events and workshops, sustainable and creative ideas will be presented dealing with the structure of the society of the future.
In our new programme thread Film & Future, you will learn more about the future of motion picture; it was set up in cooperation with EFM Horizon - the future platform of Berlinale's European Film Market (EFM) - including a keynote interview with Hollywood film star Matt Dillon.
Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 22 August 2019


Reeperbahn Festival Film Programme 2019
During Reeperbahn Festival the future of music at international level will be discussed and mapped out. Just like the music business, the film industry is faced with digital change, streaming technologies and changing consumer behaviour. The programme thread Film & Future is taking on the challenges related to these changes.
In cooperation with European Film Market’s future platform EFM Horizon, Reeperbahn Festival will start the new programme thread on Friday, 20 September, by a keynote interview with Hollywood film star Matt Dillon (US) ("Crash", "There's something about Mary", "Wayward Pines" and many more) (photo), in which the actor and director will share his personal views on the trends in the film landscape and talk about his new music film project (Matt Dillon: The Future of Film).  

Afterwards, there will be panels and discussions on future scenarios of the motion picture industry, on cinematic story telling in the era of booming series, on streaming models beyond Netflix and Amazon, on diversity as guiding principle of modern targeting as well as on the wide-range world of short-form indie series.

Here you will find all programme offerings of Film & Future for professional visitors. 

The public programme will comprise all cineastic formats: Film, short films, music videos, series, web series and Youtube reports. Main topics will be pop-cultural music documentaries as well as women in pop culture: in the film and music business, on stage, in front of and behind the camera.

The film Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl (US) by director Amy Goldstein accompanies Kate Nash on her way through the music business and looks at her experiences as band leader of an all-girl band and supporter of DIY in a male domain. Before the screening, Kate will be there for a Q&A-interview and answer questions on the making of the film.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the Europe premiere Creating Woodstock (US) by Mick Richards looks behind the scenes of this mother of all festivals, shows so-far unpublished material and deals with the question why the Woodstock myth still reverberates today.
Another Europe premiere is the screening of the British series State Of The Union (GB) by Stephen Frears, based on the original by Nick Hornby. It is a cooperation with Seriencamp München, the international festival for series and TV culture, focusing on relationships in today's society.  

The film programme also includes: The web series programme Women Of The Web – A Selection Of International Web Series (CA, CH, DK, FR, AR, AU), curated by Webfest Berlinhas the thematic focus on women and was created by women, but explicitly addresses the general public; RocKabul (GB, AF, AU, BA) tells the incredible story of the Afghan metal band District Unknown; Rudeboy: The Story Of Trojan Records (GB) shows the history of the origins of the record label Trojan Records; the Amazon original series Free Meek (US) deals with the struggle of the rapper Meek Mills against the mills of the US justice system, and many more.  

Here you can find the complete film programme.


The Society of the Future
Current socio-political contents are part of Reeperbahn Festival just like music and the music business. Two years ago, Reeperbahn Festival created the Festival Village, a space providing visitors with a place to rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. This is where you will also find the Arts Playground with its arts installations, apart from a small concert and reading stage. This year, a special expansion of the Festival Village is the Future Playground, which will focus exactly on these socio-political issues. 

In its centre, the Future Dome offers a space for speeches, panels, workshops and networking events in which the ideas of the Future Playground will be presented in detail. In this environment, we will get an audible prospect of the future when the acoustics engineer and musician Dr. Renzo Vitale (IT) shows how he composes a voice for electric cars (How Does The Future Sound Like?), and we will learn from Dr. Dubravka Vučićević (RS) from the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine what it would mean for human relationships if we could extend our lives by Crispr-CAS9 genetic alteration (The CRISPR/Cas9 revolution).
The musician and ANCHOR jury member Kate Nash (GB) and the choreographer and performance artist Lauren Barri Holstein (GB) will talk at the Keychange panel Feminism Sells about how to succeed in changing the music industry sustainably from within by making gender equality the topic of discussions.
At another Keychange panelon the topic Sexualisierte Gewalt im Showgeschäft – wie damit umgehen? (Sexualised violence in show business – how to deal with it?) Marcus Staiger (former label manager at "Royal Bunker") (DE), Lisa Ludwig (journalist) (DE), Maria Neufeldt (Night Manager and DJ) (DE), Filiz Mahler (columnist) (DE), Danny Bokelmann (label owner of "Woldpack Entertainment") (DE) and Laura Moser (Artist Management "truworks")(DE) will discuss the limits between image and sexual assault, party fun and sexual abuse.

In the course of a cooperation between Reeperbahn Festival, the consultancy agency Sound Diplomacy and the United Nations (UN), the Future Dome will be the venue of the first panels on Music & Sustainable Development Goals on FridayRepresentatives from the UN, European Union, institutions and the music business will discuss the 17 global goals (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the UN which could have an impact on economic, social and ecological development of the music industry (Dagmar Schumacher: UN & Music - A Case Study, Introducing Music and The SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8 & 11, Where Do We Go From Here?). 

The guest list includes

  • Dagmar Schumacher, Director, UN Women Brussels Office (BE)
  • Caroline Petit, Deputy Director, United Nations Regional Information Center in Europe (UNRIC) (BE)
  • Rüdiger Kruse, MdB (member of the Federal Bundestag), CDU/CSU (DE)
  • Patricia Yague, Head of Sustainability Europe, Live Nation (GB)
  • Stephen GreeneCBE, CEO, RockCorps (GB)
  • Susanne Hollmann, Deputy Head of Unit, Cultural Policy, Directorate-General for Education and Culture, European Commission (BE)
  • Tom Huston, CEO, Gameplan Impact (CH)
  • Sarah Williams, CEO, International Music Publishers Association & Advisor, Palestine Music Expo (UK)
  • Shain Shapiro, Founder & CEO, Sound Diplomacy (GB)
  • Detlef Schwarte, Director, Reeperbahn Festival Conference (DE)

Caroline Petit (Deputy Director,United Nations Regional Information Center (UNRIC)): "More than anyone else, you know that music can touch one’s soul and inspire people. The 17 global goals offer an oppurtunity to make a difference for a better world. Let’s let music be a strong voice to leave no one behind.”  

Shain Shapiro (Founder & CEO, Sound Diplomacy): "As a sector we must lead the way in protecting the planet, ensuring fair pay and gender equality.  And I think we do that, but we are doing it without aligning ourselves with the global language of sustainability, the UN SDGs. This is the first time the music industry is intentionally and deliberately engaging with the SDGs and we are thrilled to have assembled leaders from both the UN and the sector. It is time the universal language – music – aligned with the universal language of sustainability, the SDGs. We are thrilled to have developed this in partnership with Reeperbahn Festival and UNRIC."

Here you will find the complete programme of the Future Dome.

In the ten containers arranged around the Future Dome, the Interactive Exhibitons will present intelligent, creative and future-oriented ideas by different partners on how sustainable action can influence and create the society of tomorrow.
They include Circular Futures Supermarket, Trash Galore, the Creative Solutions Expo or Green Events which all deal with avoiding, reducing and recycling waste products. The exhibitions Welches Land wollen wir sein? (What kind of country do we want to be?) and Alle alles anpacken! – Impulse für nachhaltiges Handeln (Let's tackle it! – Impulses for sustainable action) commit itself to a future of open society and the 17 global sustainability goals.  

Here you will find an overview of all containers and partners of the Future Playground.





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