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dear media partners, dear colleagues,

since many of you will already be wondering impatiently whether and when to register for this year's Reeperbahn Festival, here is the good news: Accreditation has started! However, as for the entire Reeperbahn Festival programme this year, there will be a few more things to consider than in previous years. Apart from the current distancing and hygiene rules in addition to the obligation to wear a face mask when you queue up or move around in the venues, there will be new requirements for your work which we will explain in detail in the following.

Major considerations are the strictly limited capacities at the venues requiring exact preparation on your part. Many things will be different this year – but one thing has not changed: We are looking forward to seeing you!

Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 17 August 2020

Press accreditation for Reeperbahn Festival 2020 has started!

Advance requests for accreditation can be made under the following link by 6 September 2020. Please note! The date is binding: Registration after 6 September can no longer be accepted!

Our timetable with all programme items will probably be published end of August  – please use this overview to plan your reporting, which should also include possible alternatives – this is indispensable in particular for photographers and TV teams this year due to strictly limited capacities at the venues.

As this year a lot will be different from what you are used to, we would like to explicitly point out the following points:  

1.)   Face masks, distancing and hygiene rules

For every participant, consideration as well as responsible and prudent action is more important than ever before. For this reason, please follow the distancing and hygiene rules currently applicable. Apart from wearing well-fitting face masks in queues and at venues, this includes keeping a minimum distance apart whenever possible.

2.)    Register for accreditation correctly and completely

Please state your medium, the correct type of reporting and the planned period of publication as precisely as possible in our accreditation form. Due to the limited timeframe and the strictly limited quotas this year, we are not able to do follow-up research on any inaccurate accreditation requests. In other words: Ambiguous requests cannot be accepted in 2020.

3.)   Please plan the duration of your stay precisely

As mentioned above, our quota for media representatives is limited this year due to the reduced overall capacity. Four-day accreditation will only be possible for very few colleagues with very good reasons. Please plan your stay correspondingly. We grant accreditations preferably for two days.

4.)   Accreditation is only possible for maximally two persons per medium

Moreover, for reasons of space, we can only allow a maximum of two representatives of one medium. Please coordinate participation within your editorial department before you fill in the accreditation form so that we do not reject a commissioned editor in favour of a hasty colleague. Please also plan in advance whether you want to participate with an editor and a photographer or if you prefer two editors who later make use of our digital media offer. 

5.)   Access to concerts for journalists

On principal, this year the following rule applies: Unlike in previous years there will be no preferential access for media representatives. After admission to a venue has been closed and the show has begun there will be no opportunity to get access to a concert. A large part of our venues will have chairs, which means that only a limited number of seats will be available for each concert. Therefore, we more than ever advise you to allow plenty of time to be admitted well before the show starts.

If you are not admitted to a concert or if you see that there are already too many people queuing at a venue – don't panic. We have planned the concerts to begin with a time-shift so that you will be able to attend an alternative concert.

6.)   Photo/ film accreditations

We have extended our own media production so that we can supply you with photos and video material free of charge on our media server.

If you still want to send your own photographers / TV teams, one thing will be the same: You will need a separate photo/film pass for recordings using professional equipment. On account of the limited capacities we kindly ask you to understand that freelancers without specific assignments cannot not be admitted this year. To ensure pandemic-conform realisation of Reeperbahn Festival 2020, the usual photo/film position from the pit will not be possible; that is why we will provide a limited number of dedicated positions at each venue for taking photos or footage. This means that unfortunately not all photographers / camera teams will be admitted to all shows of their choice – so please plan alternatives in advance.

Please note: We expect to publish our timetable with all programme items end of August. Please use it for your planning, and after approval of your accreditation, let us know at by 10 September which concerts you would like to photograph / shoot (including day, venue, act, name(s) photographer/ TV team and medium), so that we can begin our detailed planning. As soon as we have prepared an overview of who wants to go where, we will let you know immediately for which concerts you are listed and where, after meeting in front of the venue, you will get escorted access to attend 15 minutes of the concert. If, at a concert, it is foreseeable that camera teams as well as photographers can be present, camera teams will be admitted first for 15 minutes and then photographers for another 15 minutes. For this reason, keep your equipment as light and mobile as possible.

7.)    Film shooting requests by TV teams

As in previous years, we would like you to contact us as early as possible to let us know what your focus of this year's reporting will be. Please always tell us what exactly you would like to shoot so that we get an early overview of all requests for film shootings and can plan you in accordingly. Please use our form for your accreditation request, entering all information presently available to you. The maximum permitted number per camera team is three persons. We realise that you cannot report the concrete names of camera and sound personnel until shortly before the event; for this reason, it will suffice if you accredit the editor in charge plus two additional persons. 


For our DOORS OPEN opening event at Stage Operettenhaus on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 you must decide before filling in the accreditation form whether you would like to attend / photograph / shoot a) the Red Carpet, b) the first 15 minutes of the show or c) the entire Doors Open Show so that we can reserve the corresponding number of seats. The same applies to the ANCHOR award show at St. Pauli Theater on Saturday, 19 September 2020.





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