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We are pleased that we will soon make a start: On Wednesday, 16 September at 06:00 pm, the curtain will rise for DOORS OPEN at Stage Operettenhaus to kick-off the 15th Reeperbahn Festival! With welcome addresses by Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Minister of Culture and Media Dr. Carsten Brosda, live performance, digital live broadcasts and a focus on the current affairs of the culture industry and social developments worldwide, the DOORS OPEN Show will sum up in about 60 minutes the essentials of this year's Reeperbahn Festival.
The ANCHOR jury, recently presented in Berlin, will introduce the nominees for 2020; there will be an impressive look at the programme of the gender balance initiative Keychange and this year's partner country Denmark will introduce itself with respect to the German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship, featuring among others a live show of songwriter Tina Dico.
The entire DOORS OPEN Show (admission for invited guests) as well as the subsequent DOORS OPEN Concert (admission for all festival visitors) can be experienced live at the venue and on the ARTE Concert livestream and the Reeperbahn Festival streaming platform.

Frehn Hawel

Hamburg, 8. September 2020


It is meanwhile common knowledge that the year 2020 is a special year for the entire music and culture world. It is all the more important to find new ways, try them out and adopt them to see what live performances of music and culture may look like this year. Not least for this reason, all eyes will be set on Hamburg on 16 September when the 15th Reeperbahn Festival is opened live by the DOORS OPEN Show as well as via the ARTE Concert and Reeperbahn Festival livestreams.

Together with the host duo Hadnet Tesfai and Jörg Thadeusz, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz as well as the Hamburg Minister of Culture and Media Dr. Carsten Brosda, Reeperbahn Festival CEO Alexander Schulz will welcome the guests to Reeperbahn Festival 2020 on the stage of Stage Operettenhaus.

After the greetings the ANCHOR jury will present the nominated acts. Half of the jury, the former Spice Girl and successful solo artist Melanie C. (photo), presenter and DJ Markus Kavka as well as SEEED singer Frank Dellé, will be present live on stage while jury president Tony Visconti, Distillers vocalist and punk rock icon Brody Dalle as well as the winner of several Grammys and mastering engineer Darcy Proper will be switched on live from New York. The jury will talk about what they expect from the performances of the nominees and they will also express why they consider it important to award the ANCHOR also this year. The nominees of the contest are: Arya Zappa (DEU), ÄTNA (DEU), L'Eclair (CHE), Suzane (FRA), Tuvaband (NOR) and Eefje de Visser (NLD).

In a digital talk with Jörg Thadeusz, the singer-songwriter legend Jackson Browne will talk about his personal experiences during the sustained Corona pandemic as well as his musical plans.

With strong emotional and visual elements, we will also introduce our initiative for gender equality – Keychange. We will visualise Keychange by way of a dance performance based on the song "Pretty Lady" by Tash Sultana, developed by choreographer Maike Mohr (Chefboss). After the performance, host and Keychange supporter Hadnet Tesfai will show what the initiative has achieved so far and what are the next goals for an integrative music industry.

Michael Bojesen (Chairman Danish Arts Foundation, Head of Danish State Support for Arts and Culture) and songwriter Tina Dico will represent this year's partner country Denmark on stage. The partnership is part of the German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship.

Since staging the very first partner country showcase in 2008 Reeperbahn Festival has maintained a successful and amicable cooperation with the Danish music export agency MXD – Music Export Denmark. This year, Reeperbahn Festival will also offer a stage to Danish talents, giving festival visitors valuable insights into the vibrant Danish music scene in the curated concert programme, including shows by Calby, Drew Sycamore, Be Svendsen, Nicklas Sahl and Baby in Vain

After the DOORS OPEN Show the songwriter Tina Dico will perform her DOORS OPEN Concert at Stage Operettenhaus at 09:45 pm, which can be attended by all ticket holders.

Thomas Rohde, CEO MXD – Music Export Denmark:
"When Reeperbahn Festival announced in May that they would continue the work and find solutions to still showcase bands, without much hesitation we decided to follow suit. We share their view and obligation to do whatever possible in order to keep on helping the talents, regardless of the circumstances. Over the years Reeperbahn Festival has become one of the most important platforms for the development of Danish talents and music export, like it has become for all other countries. Thus, it is important for Denmark to support Reeperbahn Festival and the innovative role the festival has for the development of the international music scene. 

Obviously, the Danish focus is much smaller than we had planned. However, Reeperbahn Festival has curated a programme, which will give you a broad taste of the Danish music scene. We know that for several of these bands their concerts at Reeperbahn Festival have already resulted in new collaborations with German companies. Thus, we are quite sure that the festival will once again advance the careers of Danish talents in Germany and internationally.

Finally, we are very happy to announce that Denmark will be back again next year. And although not as an official focus country, it will be with a very strong, increased participation from neighbouring Denmark, made possible by our partners: The Danish Arts Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Ministry of Culture Denmark.”

NOTE: Access to the DOORS OPEN Show at Stage Operettenhaus is by invitation only, the subsequent DOORS OPEN Concert by Tina Dico is accessible for all festival visitors – the DOORS OPEN Show and the Tina Dico concert will be available in live streaming at ARTE Concert or on the Reeperbahn Festival streaming platform.

Dear media representatives: If you cannot attend the DOORS OPEN Show and the DOORS OPEN Concert by Tina Dico, you are welcome to watch our livestream on our streaming platform.
06:30 pm DOORS OPEN Show
09:45 pm DOORS OPEN Concert by Tina Dico

You can find press photos of all DOORS OPEN Show and DOORS OPEN Concert participants in our Press kit.

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