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The Reeperbahn Festival Cinema

The Reeperbahn Festival presents music not just by way of concerts. The cinema auditorium of the Reeperbahn Festival at the East Hotel will be open for three days. The programme is designed in such a way that visitors experience how music and film overcome their genre limits also when stopping by only briefly. The Reeperbahn Festival cinema auditorium at the East Hotel will open for three days. We have mainly included contributions below short film lengths:

The circle of friends around rap poet Sékou Neblett will show exclusive extracts from his first film "Black Tape", dealing with the beginning and development of hip hop in Germany and making its official debut in October. The film also gives insights into his life as a filmmaker. How you breathe life into the medium music video retaining the tension even today is shown in the work exhibition of Hamburg the film maker Timo Schierhorn, who has worked with Deichkind, the Goldene Zitronen and others.

In the course of our cooperation with this year's partner country Finland the time has come to abandon the cliché of vodka drinking eccentrics. That is why we will present "Strangers from the North", a film about the work of young Finish short film makers which is at least as diverse and exciting as that of their colleagues in the music business. "Music was my First Love" is a story told from the perspectives of three completely different protagonists whose only common feature is their passion for music. An ode to the power of sounds.
Furnished with a genuine epileptic warning, the short film series "Sound & Vision" can be described as experimental, measuring the effect of sound and image on our senses within the limits of a cinema auditorium.
The mix tape of thrilling film and video art from the Hanseatic city presented by the Hamburg-based cinematic art collective VETO is about a change in viewing habits.

New artists, a special new venue

"A match made in heaven" in fact somehow fits the venue: St. Michaelis Church, better known as "Michel", is among our venues for the first time this year.  Venues like this are in need of an appropriate programme. And who would be better suited than William Fitzsimmons, the master of aesthetic melancholy and also one of the most important protagonists of the singer/songwriter genre?

A debut which, at the same time, represents a return: "von Brücken" - of bridges is the name of Nicholas Müller, the former Jupiter Jones front man's new band which he will present at the Reeperbahn Festival together with his colleague Tobias Schmitz and six other musicians.
The pop noir soundscapes by the Norwegian Emilie Nicolas literally bubble over with creativeness; her debut album "Like I´m a Warrior" has already conquered the charts.

The indie folk musicians of Husky from Melbourne had a slightly longer journey. Not only are they the first Australian signing of the US cult label SubPop, they have also been invited by our favourite Hamburg duo Boy 2012 to be the support group in their tour of Germany. And - fresh from the ticker: WET, Rone, Chefboss, Coasts, Vant, Lydmor & Bon Homme, TΩra, Blaenavon.

Music Business

The sessions programme is nearing completion.

The quartet of critics consisting of Rabea Weihser (Zeit online), Jens Balzer (Berliner Zeitung), Tobias Rapp (Der Spiegel) and Klaus Walter (music journalist and radio host) has just been confirmed; they will deal with the role of "Pop in Zeiten des digitalen Kapitalismus" - Pop in the times of digital capitalism.

Tommy Boy Records founder Tom Silverman's label has decisively marked hip hop and, as founder of the "New Music Seminar", he is also recognised as a pioneer. In his keynote "The Music Business is NOT the Record Business" at the VUT Indie Days he will have a look at the transformation in the value of music.

Burak Özgen, legal advisor of GESAC, the umbrella organisation of 34 author societies, will speak about the "value gap" for creators caused by digital platforms. Patrick Charnley (IFPI, GB), Michael Krause (Deezer, DE) and Dr. Kai Welp (GEMA, DE) will then discuss the issue with Özgen.

The vice president of digital business at Sony Music UK, Dorothy Hui, will explore the permanent reinvention of the music business and its technical challenges together with David Balfour (Finetunes, GB), Simon Wheeler (Beggars Group, GB) and Bill Wilson (Music Business Association, US).
Jenni Schwanenberg (Next Media Accelerator, DE) declares Facebook as outdated, daring a look into the future.


For the opening event of the Reeperbahn Festival on 23 Sept., 6.30-7.30 pm at the" Schmidtchen" theatre of the new St.Pauli club house, Spielbudenplatz 21-22, separate registration is required by 8 Sept., as the small theatre has only very limited capacity!
 We kindly ask journalists to register via e-mail. 

Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economy, Brigitte Zypries, and Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, will welcome our guests to the 10th Reeperbahn Festival. The event will be hosted by Ray Cokes and Peter Urban. 


Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival is Germany's largest club festival and is one of the most important marketplaces for the international music industry in Europe. More than 600 events are held in over 70 venues on and around the Reeperbahn. The 400-plus concerts, arts highlights, and readings in the public programme are joined by a host of conference events for professionals in the music industry and digital economy. With "Aus Finnland" (From Finland) the tenth edition of the Reeperbahn Festival is – for the first time in the festival's history – turning the spotlight on a particular country. More than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend the festival.

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