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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

All Major Labels Taking Part Again

Warner, Universal and Sony Music invite you this year once more to the Reeperbahn Festival events: Warner Music Central Europe will be presenting the traditional Warner Music Night: The London rockers Vant, the hymn composer Coasts and the Electronica-DubStep collective Rudimental are invited - plus a special guest, who will be announced soon.
In Grosse Freiheit 36, Universal Music will present an evening with the Australian songwriter Jarryd James, the sunny folk of the Family of the Year, the British singer/songwriter star James Morrison and the rousing soul pop from Berlin of Leslie Clio. Sony Music is inviting for the third time to the Katerfrühstück (hangover breakfast) (invitation only).


The Timetable is Online

HERE, you can find all programmes of the Reeperbahn Festival from now on - about 600 altogether.



„Where are the artists voices?“: Stephan Rath (manager, Buback Tonträger & Konzerte, musician), Sookee (artist) and Thees Uhlmann (musician, author) will be discussing the might of artists in times of music corporations – moderated by Oke Göttlich (finetunes, FC St.Pauli, VUT).
Three conference sessions are to focus on the role of women in the music industry. In 'Women in the Live Business' and 'Why We Need More Women in Music' (in conjunction with VUT Indie Days), Ineke Daans (PIAS, BE), Robert Franken (Luna Media, DE), Electric Indigo (DJ, Musician, AT), Nathalie Percillier (Pro-Quote Regie, DE), and other speakers, will talk about the simple fact that even though everyone wants more women in leading positions, little has changed. In 'Female Is Not a Genre', Roxanne de Bastion (Artist, GB) will take a look at key statistics, share first- and second-hand stories, and explore what is and what should be happening to further gender equality in music.



The Belgian quintett Balthazar will show that laidback Indie-Rock certainly doesn’t have to come any more from America or England, and the trio Sizarr goes even further in this respect and is bringing their large-scale Electro-Pop soundscape along - which they go wild about in England as well as in this country. Electronic sounds continue with HVOB from Vienna who show that the modern club sound can be of timeless quality. If ex-BBC1 DJ Zane Lowe describes someone as „next hype“ it’s worth while listening more carefully – with us you get this chance: The British songwriter Rhodes is coming to introduce his debut album “Whishes”, published a few days before the Reeperbahn Festival. Other newcomers will be: Andreas Moe, Hælos, No Devotion, Seth Sentry, Faber, Cloves, etc.



Spoken Word

For the first time there is a permanent stage for readings in the broadest sense. In the new location "Alte Liebe" in the Klubhaus at Spielbudenplatz, the four day programme is filled with contributions such as that from Hannes Naumann (Captain Capa) and the members of Itchy Poopzkid, who give insights into what really happens behind the stage and how a band survives it. On the occasion of the book publication of the Berlinale success of "B-Movie", Mark Reeder leads us together with Hollow Skai and Klaus Maeck through the legendary West Berlin of the eighties. Jens Balzer and Martin Hossbach illustrate the phenomenon of Tocotronic, and Falk Schacht leads us into HipHop history with HipHop Family Tree Vol. 2 by Ed Piskor; which is published as second edition in German. At Schinken Omi Lesegala, Linus Volkmann, Felix Scharlau, Benjamin Walter and special guests present the latest edition of the Schinken Omi comics. The Hamburg author Benjamin Maack reads from his works and Annika Line Trost explains in her book "über wahre Größe" (about true size) what it feels like as a woman with large bosom to be subjected to constant glances and comments.


Artificial Paradise

The collective Baltic Raw is represented with two activities, which consider the theme of human interference in the course of nature: "Artificial Paradise“ at Spielbudenplatz demonstrates in large format images the interplay of thoughtless implementation of human utopias and the price that nature has to pay for it. Which location could be better for this than the former Esso high rise buildings, which represent better than any other place at Reeperbahn the continuous fragmentation of an urban district? The short film "Vereisung in Reservaten“ (Glaciation in Reservations) with Jacques Palminger highlights the turbulent relationship of humans and nature in the location of the nocturnal Hamburg Art Gallery.


British Embassy at the Reeperbahn

By now, the Reeperbahn Festival is strongly established in the "motherland of pop". For the first time, there is a "British Embassy“, in which four exciting newcomers from the United Kingdom will be introduced. The bands from the island still succeed in conjuring up an excitement which has the effect of transforming life by using the traditional sounding arrangement of guitar, bass and drums:
The trio Blaenavon froms Hampshire plays the kind of nimble, melancholic pop which the British achieve particularly well. The guitar sound of Sundara Karma is rougher, the melodies, however, remain globally accepted. The London trio Happyness shows that UK pop can also sound quite cool and almost like US-slacker. And Hooton Tennis Club from Liverpool use minimal means to combine all the strengths which English bands need to conquer the world.


From Finnland: Partner Land 2015

This years partner land Finland shows us in a charming way how good the music from such a small country can be. The following artists are represented: Mirel Wagner, Eva & Manu, K-X-P, Noah Kin, Grave Pleasures (Ex-Beastmilk), Black Lizard, Lapko and The Scenes. In order to familiarise us all with the culture of Finland, there will be, apart from all the exciting bands, a Finnish food market with typical cuisine. At Spielbudenplatz under the murals, you will find every day three food trucks from Helsinki offering a selection of specialities. And to dispose completely of the clichés of vodka drinking forest dwellers, we put together the short film programme "Strangers From The North“, giving an overview of the film creations of our Nordic neighbours. In the course of the panel "Aim Higher - Developing Music Brands“  representatives of Finnish and German music will be discussing how it is possible for artists or bands to achieve international success or be represented at cross-border festivals.



Roco Clein Prize Award

The award of the Rocco Clein prize takes place every year at Reeperbahn Festival and is meant as appreciation for all talented music journalists to remain truely passionate about music; even in such difficult times as today! A highprofile jury of music journalists honours their colleagues in nine different categories. You will find further information about the jury as well as nominations HERE.



Astra - with us for the second time!

The successful campaigns of the Hamburg beer brand Astra make people smile and chuckle when passing them by on the street. Even better that this year is the second time that there will be a campaign between Astra and Reeperbahn Festival called "Stolz wie Knolle“ (proud as Punch). Therefore, Astra has launched a special edition of 14.9 million bottles with Reeperbahn Festival Jubilee label, which are already abailable. Moreover, Astra will have their own pop-up container stage "Zur geilen Knolle“ where acts perform every day.


17.09. Press Conference and Exhibition Opening ZEHN

On Thursday, 17.09. at 5 pm, we invite you to the new Club HÄKKEN in the Klubhaus St. Pauli, Spielbudenplatz 21-22 to open the exhibition ZEHN, which summaries ten years of Reeperbahn Festival. Additionally, we will give you a preview of the upcoming tenth Reeperbahn Festival.

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The traditional press conference at the Reeperbahn Festival will take place as usual on Saturday 26.09. at 3 p.m. Further information will follow.

Closing date for accreditation

Accreditation for the Reeperbahn Festival 2015 is open up to 17.09. via the following link: 

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