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Reeperbahn Festival Socials

Music Business Workshops Open to Public

Selected workshops at the Reeperbahn Festival are also open to festival participants. On Saturday 26.09., nine public sessions and panels will introduce the basic principles of music business. To name a few: Désirée Kiel and Jörg Heidemann from the Verband Unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V. (Association of Autonomous Music Companies) will answer all questions concerning label and label foundation. Dr. Christian Baierle of Roba Publishing Germany gives us insights into the world of music publishing as well as the new demands of copyright law in the digital age. Volker May, Head of Booking & Events / Vice Chair Europe FZW / IMMF explains how to select the right team for a career in the live music business.


Modern Classical Music & Jazz at resonanzraum and Schulmuseum

The Reeperbahn Festival stands not only for the most diverse interpretations of guitar rock, electro-music and rap but also devotes itself to other genres such as modern classics and jazz. Concerts in such styles happened last year at Mojo Club, but will now for the first time take place at resonanzraum (at Medienbunker Feldstrasse). Presented by "Elbphilharmonie Konzerte" and NDR Kultur, the experimental piano duo Grandbrothers, the dark sound spheres of Martin Kohlstedt, and the spectacular British neo-jazz performers GoGo Penguin guarantee exciting live performances. Another special venue is the Schulmuseum (School Museum), where Federico Albanese and Michael Price, the most exciting representative of contemporary classical music, can be seen. The conference programme also covers topics about classical music: The Future of Media for Classical Music and Classical Music and Streaming are two sessions about the current economic situation of classical music.

Elbphilharmonie on Board - Boat Trip with the Elbphilharmonie

Finally, the last scaffolding is taken down and the construction site is gone out of sight. To be one of the few to enjoy the breathtaking view of the glas facade of the Elbphilharmonie from the water, book a launch trip at the Elbphilharmonie Cube on Spielbudenplatz. There a limited spots available so booking is necessary for this exciting boat trip around the new concert hall.



P/ART - Producers Artfair

Reeperbahn Festival and the music business is as inseparable as the producers artfair P/ART and visual arts. Reason enough for both to cooperate. P/ART is not only a sales fair for art producers but also a platform for artists, art trading and art discourse. It connects aspiring artists with an artistically interested audience; thus, providing a location where creative processes begin to evolve. Instead of begin a purely business operating platform, P/ART creates a place to interact and discuss the dynamic discourse of art  - thus, extending the core of standard trade fairs of sales promotion. It participates in the (public) discourse and addresses relevant issues such as the value of creative art, marketing of art or the difficulty of defining art work and its value. This year, P/ART cooperates with national and international institutions to proceed in developing new ideas and alternatives in the field of art and art market. The Reeperbahn Festival is one of these partners and shows the P/ARTIKEL artist Stephan Jäschke who wants to awacken people and refresh the viewer's eyes and senses in times of over-stimulation. Visitors of the Reeperbahn Festival can join a guided tour on friday to P/ART and receive free entrance on all days (24. - 27.09.) to P/ART - Producers Art Fair, Kraftwerk Bille. Anton-Ree-Weg 50.


Tickets & Concerts in Record Stores

There are books about them and some are said to have a magical atmoshpere - record shops of the old style where music was a life style and not only an item to be sold. Fortunately, Hamburg still has very many of these magical places. Some of the most popular record shops in town now sell tickets for the Reeperbahn Festival - Zardoz, Groove City, Hanseplatte, Michelle Records and Saturn also offer a few concerts.



Viva con Agua: Open Block Party & Scouts

Viva con Agua brings back the "Heiße Ecke": The initiative Viva con Agua campaigns for supplying drinking water in emerging countries for many years. They use creative ways to raise awareness about this topic. One is to use art and music as proven in form of Viva con Agua Block Parties at Heiße Ecke at Reeperbahn Festival. For four days, Viva con Agua makes use of the usually unused space in form of live concerts, live painting, installations and graffiti, illustrations, readings and speeches to emphasise how strongly the universal power of art and music can mobilise people. This event offers the ideal venue to launch the Viva con Agua documentation #waterwater including Octopizzo (KEN), Marteria, Mackes, Onejiru and Marcus Staiger. And if the music and art programme of the Reeperbahn Festival is too overwhelming, the Viva con Agua Festival Scouts offer guided tours about various themes. Moreover, Viva con Agua presents a conference session with Octopizzo, Onejiru, Paul Ripke and Johnny Haeusler called Do They Know It's Charity?.


Finalists for Reeperbahn-Pitch are selected

Five start-ups can present their business ideas to over 60 investors and public experts on September 23 at Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch in the course of the Reeperbahn Festival. The initiative Hamburg Startups announced the winners on Friday evening: Antelope from Frankfurt who sells smart sport clothes, Figo from Hamburg, a service provider for the booming business Fintech, MedLango from Berlin, a platform for medical translations and the Hamburg start-up Skybus, which allows machines and industrial applications to communicate with each other. The winner will be rewarded with the Spiegel Online Media Prize - a media budget of 100,000 euros.



The Reeperbahn Festival is organised by Reeperbahn Festival GbR and
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PhG Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG: 
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Credits: image 1: Lena Meyer, image 2: BestWorks, image 3: Thies Raetzke, image 4: P/ART, image 5: Nina Ivanov, image 6: Viva con Agua, image 7: Stefan Groenveld 
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